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Signpost forest
So I've begun to notice recently that a lot of cars have a plug in the front (sticking out of the grills). I'm not going to lie...I'm jealous of those people. Not that I even know why cars have that but still. Now, I'm not so jealous. I'll come to that later.

Today, we drove to Watson Lake. We played the famous people game for an hour and a half (Someone says a name and the other person has to say another famous person's name who's first name starts with the same letter as the last letter of the first person's name). I ruined it because I couldn't think of someone famous who's first name started with a V. I'm pretty impressed though. That's the longest I've ever lasted. Lunch was the usual recipe of goodness...1/2 cup of corn, 1/2 cup of chick peas, and an avocado. Yum. We stopped at the signpost forest which was pretty much the only interesting thing in Watson Lake besides the Northern Light's Centre. Their show wasn't so bad (though it was only like 20 minutes) but I still don't get how the Northern Lights work. They did have free internet which as nice. As did the public library but they closed quite early.

Anyway back to the plug thing. So I took a break from writing in my journal to fetch my iPod touch from the car and as I went across the front of the car, I saw what I thought was a plug. Nope. It was a bird. Dead. Probably died on impact. It was so sad. Silan removed it with two sticks and then buried it. Sad. Really sad.
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Signpost forest
Signpost forest
Too bad we didnt have any equipme…
Too bad we didn't have any equipm…
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