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On the way to Tow Hill...The first part is through the forest.
The day started off pretty fantastic. Why? Because my oatmeal was the perfect consistency for once. Not too runny or lump. Just right. We started off early for Tow Hill, making a brief stop at Moon Over Naikoon to drool over the food there. Honestly, I think it was the best smelling bakery I've ever been in to.

The bike to Tow Hill was so nice, if only because the road was flat. The road was gravel but it felt like a paved road because it was so smooth. Thee rise of Tow Hill in the distance was rather magestic, coming above the trees. The hike was something else. Rickety boards layed down with sand paper nailed to it. Not exactly the most safe, especially as it rose stepper (there were no railways!).
It was only about 9km from our cabin.
The view made me forget about the hike as it was pretty amazing. From the top, we went down to the midway point & followed the signs to the blow hole. Unfortunately, since the tide was going out, it wasn't blowing but we had fun in the rocks and such. The lava and water created these rocks that don't look like anything I've seen before.

We played there for quite a while before taking a different back to the entrance where we'd kept our bikes. The path was almost entirely flat and I was so relieved. We'd thought about doing the blowhole first and then making our way up but I'm glad we did it the other way around.

The bike home was nice and we stopped at Moon Over Naikoon for some snacks. I'm not sure if it was because we were so hungry or because they were actually delicious but the chocolate chip cookies there were to die for. The rest of the day was spent reading and playing card games. We tried our hand at inventing our own game but ended up going back to our favourites: big two and spit (or is it speed?).

We spent the next day just relaxing and packing up. I took a shower on the back porch which was very liberating. After dinner, we had a ton of fun on the beach by ourselves taking pictures. It was one of the most spectacular sights of our trip. The reflection of the sky on the sand was so beautiful.
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On the way to Tow Hill...The first…
On the way to Tow Hill...The firs…
It was only about 9km from our cab…
It was only about 9km from our ca…
The view mid-way to the top.
The view mid-way to the top.
View from the top. Gorgeous eh?
View from the top. Gorgeous eh?
Tow Hill, located in Naikoon Natio…
Tow Hill, located in Naikoon Nati…
Looks like another planet, no?
Looks like another planet, no?
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