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Holiday inn Miami, at the pool

We booked this cruise and I was a bit scared I wouldnt enjoy it as much as most. I am a backpacker at heart and this was a bit ritzy for me but it ended well.

We flew into Miami at about 2pm, We took the free shuttle to our room at the Holiday Inn. The hotel was nothing to different than what you would find here in Boston. We got to the front desk where even though it was to early to check in they let us anyway. I got up to the room and it was nice, clean beds, Air conditioner worked great and I was quite happy. The people from the hotel were very nice and talked to us as if we were personal friends of theirs. We had a night to blow so we located a sports bar that was down the street a bit.

I asked the girl at the front about a taxis to this place and she plesently said dont worry!! my shuttle guy will drive you there and pick you up, I was very surprised at this. This not only saved us some money but made us feel more welcome at this hotel. Anyways, we get to this bar and I was delited to see that it reminded me of a local bar back in Boston where I am from. There was music playing sooftly in the backround and it was somewhat dark but at the same time very pleasent. The bartender was a girl named Michele, she was very nice and started us off with our first beer order. They had a special of a bucket of 5 beers for $10, cant beat that.


There was about 10-12 locals that were there also. We struck up conversartions with many people about sports and my city Boston, The people in Miami were very nice.

I was feeling a bit hungry so I asked Michel what she recomended...her answer kind of scared me, She said it would have to be the Stone Crab!. Now I know I am from Boston which is known for its seafood, but I hate it. I hate the smell and the taste of everything out of the ocean. But now after about 5-6 beers I was feeling a bit adventurous, So I ordered it. About 10 min later here they come, Now I tried..I got about 2 claws down and I had to stop, I mean if you like seafood it was great. But for me this was worse than having 2 red hot pokers in my eyes. I couldnt bare it!! so I kindly gave the rest to a local who then bought me another beer. So it worked out great.


Ok, we wake up the next day ready for our cruise to Cococay Island and Nassau Bahamas.

The shuttle was waiting for us so I dressed in my best tourist flower printed shirt and shorts with some flipflops and we headed down the the shuttle. We had noticed the other people that shared our shuttle ride happend to share something in common, they were all over 85 years old haha but luckly they were on different ships than us. We get to the ship where were show our documents and get our ship card(its what you use for money) and walk on the boat. To my surprise it was beautiful from the inside out. The crowd was a good mix of different age people. After the boarding was over we headed up deck to see the pool, it was great...there were waiters everywhere with big island drinks and sun to be had. This was pretty fun at first, But after night 2 I had noticed that they have a formal Night.
..ohhh nooo, like a typical backpacker I only brought a backpack with some island clothes. They didnt seem to mind as not everyone participated in this night. What I loved most I think about this cruise was the people that worked on board. They were all from different countries, One guy I met ( a waiter) was one of the nicest people I have ever met and he was from Macedonia, I talked to this guy for a good part of my cruise. I told him how I viewed the world and the people from other countries and how I am not used to the luxery on the ship and he was just like me. I met a beautiful girl who was from Romania who was doing fake tatoos, I ended up getting 3 of them just so I could talk to her. I cant say enough about the ships crew and how genuine they were.


Our first port of call was Cococay Island in the Bahamas, awesome little island. My favorite thing to do is Jetskiing, so we headed over there first and booked it. It was a sweet english girl who ran the tour. She was so cool, she knew I could ride so I became her Number 1 in the jetski tour which meant i was the fastest on the ski behind her. Each time I would catch up to her in the middle of the Carribian sea she would always greet me with a smile and say(great we wait for the rookies) She knew about all the islands down there and it was a pleasure to meet her, their were a few other guys who trailed the pack to help out the rooks. They were cool too, one guy was from Romainia and another was from Poland. If you ever go on a Royal Carribian cruise and hit Cococay Island, Take the jetski tour that the English girl runs.

..She is awesome.


Second port of call, Nassau Bahamas...I had never been there and I could tell getting off the boat it was going to have alot of hustlers like Jamaica did. Turns out it wasnt as bad at all. The place was beautiful. First thing we did was rent a couple scooters lol. I got mine from a guy who called mine "the chopper" haha it had a motorcycle exhaust and was loud, which I loved. We spent the entire time breaking the speed limit by driving around Nassau on our Chopper scooters like it was our own racetrack, it was truly a blast. To rap up Nassau we hit the Hard Rock Cafe and got a couple Jerk samwitches then made our way back to the boat. We spent the last night abored drinking and partying like 2 young single lads would.   It was a great time for cheap money spent.. I am booking another one in September!!!!


A bit out of my backpacking style but it was fun and memorable!!!     Thanks for reading!!!





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Holiday inn Miami, at the pool
Holiday inn Miami, at the pool
photo by: bostonjoe