It's almost here.. Winter.

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This year I won't have normal Christmas with snow and ice, because I will have my first Christmas in Africa. It's going to be "something else". It's so weird that we don't have snow yet.. When I was young, winter started in late October, but now I cannot see snow anywhere. Possibly it's snowing in Lapland, but unfortunately not in the south. Anyways it's getting colder and colder every day.. Sometimes it might rain, which is really depressing because it should be snowing already. I saw like few people ice- skating in Helsinki few days ago, but it looked really dumb, because there were also people that were just wearing t-shirts.. Well, okay, I lied, they had bit more than just t- shirts on.. :D But not winter- wears. But I'm really worried.. Is it really so, that Finland, which is known as a snowy white country, is turning to be more like.. England? Like I don't want that!! (BIG SORRY FOR ENGLISH) And what happens to our kids? They won't learn how to ski or ice- skate or snowboard!! Is it so that they will never "walk on water" when lakes turn into ice..? I don't wanna think that too much. Well eh, I'm happy that it's bit colder now anyways.. And it's beautiful when all the trees are frozen.. :) But it ain't beautiful if your car is frozen.. My car is frozen now. :E
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photo by: vances