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Tule jo syksy.. :) Autumn. It's the most beautiest time here in Finland.. Or that's just my opinion, but In think I'm right when I say so.

Most of the people like summer, that's the time that it gets hot.. Or should I say warm?? :D Can it be hot in Finland..? No. Summer is beautiful, but weather can be really bad sometimes.. You never know when the sun is shining and when it's warm, or when it rains or when it's too windy.. You just can't forecast how the weather is going to be and when would be the best time to have your summerbreak. And then it's a shame for many wedding couple when their dream about sunny wedding day is destroyed by rain.. Don't trust summer in Finland.. :D

Spring.. Hmm.. Okay, everyhting is growing then and so on, but SERIOUSLY, that season is the most uckliest!! :D It's brown and wet and there is mud everywhere and.. It just doesn't look beautiful. Usually if someone asks that what is your favorite season, you might say the season when you were born JUST BECAUSE, but I don't do that. I was born in spring, but it's my least favorite..

Winter, I love winter. It's snowing and it's white.. It's quite cold and lovely.. You can wear lots of warm clothes and then just hang out and then go inside and drink cup of hot chocolate or coffee and just enjoy.. It's lovely season, I'm telling you.. :D Nights are dark and it's perfect to have some candles and have a small romantic- moment.. :) Or going outside for a walk and see northern lights or moon and stars.. But, there are days that I just can't love during the winter- time. Those days when it's slush everywhere and your shoes are wet and you feel cold and it even rains sleet..

So.. What is left..? Autumn. My lovely Autumn. It's my favorite. During the days, you can see lots of colors in the trees, go for a walk in the forest and see how many mushrooms there is and maybe pick some of them.. Yellow, red, orange.. Ah, those are so sweet colors. Leafs are falling from the trees and you can play with them.. It's not that warm outside, but it's not too cold either. It's perfect. Nights are also dark and you get to see so many stars and have walk outside without getting to cold. And if it rains, it doesn't matter. Actually I like thunders and rains. Autumn never dissapoints me. Maybe most people dislike about it, because then you won't have that break anymore and school and work starts again and so on.. But it's good to look all those positive little things about it and you will survive. :)

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