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I went to visit my homevillage again.. It was so rainy in Hlesinki, that I was bit scared if it would be rainy in Mäntyharju also, but it wasn't. :D Actually the weather wa perfect, not too hot and not too cold. We wanted to go and visit in Taidekeskus Salmela (somekind of art "museum"). It is the place why people know Mäntyharju. Otherwise you wouldn't even notice that you are passing it, it is so small. Less than 7000 people. :D Haha. But anyways, Mäntyharju isn't too famous because of Salmela either.. Well, our two ex- presidents and our current president has visited there, they even planted their own trees there. Well, if I remember right, someone told me that one of those trees died, so someone else planted a new tree and it still says in the sign that this president has planted it. Hmm, those trees are doing aswell as presidents.
. :D Why am I speaking about trees?? :D

Well anyways, we noticed that the tickets were too expensive for us, so we just decided to take a walk in the area where you can go for free. I cannot say that I was too excited about that, but I was just hanging out because of my friends. :D Only building I liked, was Sauna. Sauna, the hot room where you go naked and where you throw water on stones and they make this funny shhhshh- sound.. It's hot and maybe crazy, but we finns love it. :D Then you can go swimming from the sauna and it's just perfect. Well, there were other people and sauna wasn't warm, so we didn't do all this. :D But it was a lovely old- fashioned sauna.
Hmm.. Coffee was good? :D And the weather. :D
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photo by: tinni