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My Easter was so different that what I'm used to. It is a time when we remember how Jesus was crucified and then how in the third day he rose again. Well, of course I remembered that one also, but my journey was more like Christmas- trip than Easter-trip. Last friday I started my journey to northern Finland, better known as a Lapland. What made it to be more like Christmas? Well, I think you all know that Santa Claus comes from Lapland, korvatunturi. I don't really like idea about Santa Claus, but because I was hanging out with guy from Holland and girl from the Philippines, I wanted to show them something different also. :D

So we went to Santa Claus village that is just where the Arctic Circle also goes.

Two things at the same time, haha. We went to see Santa himself, of course. We needed to wait for 30minutes to see him and take a picture that was totally too expensive to buy. What was the idea again in Santa Claus?? He giving gifts to kids..? Or to steel all the moneys? Eh, I don't know. Well atleast he knew all the languages we spoke. :) I'm not a real Christmas person, but I have to say that I really liked that sweet Christmas smell in that place.. Ginger and cinnamon.. And all those lovely craft- stores full of things I couldn't buy because of their price.. :D Fun to see anyways, I got some ideas. Best thing there was probably Santa Claus' main post office. There was more than 400meters long letter for Santa, sended by 10different schools in Romania. Poor kids, I don't believe Santa ever gave them what they asked, sweet idea anyways.
And then there were many empty envelops with funny addresses.. :D There was also two letters from Malawi, haha, that made me laugh. How in that hot country someone has even heard about Santa Claus? Sad thing is that I believe that they really thought that Santa would send them what they asked. Isn't life unfair? Don't you think? I also send one Christmas card to my parents, they will receive it when it's Christmas time again, haha. Special thing in that card is, that there is special Arctic Circle- Santa Claus Village, stamp. It looked nice. I saw only two elfs, if I don't count salespersons that also dressed to Christmas clothing. Nice thing there was reindeers, my friends took a ride with them. That looked nice. Reindeers are cute animals and let me tell you something.. Reindeer meat is TASTY!! :)

Well, we also went to my friends summer cottage.

We needed to walk on the water, I mean ice, to get there. :D We went inside and it was only +8C. We decided to make a fire to the fireplace and grill some sausages and potatoes. Well, I couldn't eat that sausage after reading that it was made from natural bowel.. But those potatoes were good. I need to mention that in that day we all were bit blond, we just made the smoke and didn't check if there was something upon the smokestack. So all the smoke came inside instead of going outside. When we finally realised to take that something away, we were able to breath again. I had a horrible headache that day and that freakin' smoke didn't make it any easier. So I went for a walk. It was lovely day and other people were also enjoying about it. There were some people ice- fishing (btw, those pics from fishes, my dad "ice fished" them two weeks ago) and some driving with their snow mobiles. What a beautiful day.

I love Lapland, the nature and colours. I mostly like it when it's autumn, but winter is also beautiful. Never seen it when it's summer.. I've heard that there is lots of mosquitos and sun doesn't set for more than 70days when it's summer.. I believe that it must be something.. Else. :D

jeminigirl says:
I was lucky enough to visit at Christmas 2009, such a beautiful and unspoilt place =D
Posted on: Aug 19, 2011
jarno_leijen says:
thnx for your lovely and personal story. If I go to Rovaniemi, I also want to see christmas village :).
Posted on: Oct 05, 2009
vmithal says:
So fortunate of you,Tinni, to have spent time traveling
through Lapland. Wonderful of you to share these lovely
pictures.It feels like Christmas all year round.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2009
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