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Currently there are no real hotels in Xpuhil. The cabans at the Mirador Maya Restaurant are the only accommodation that I can vouch for at this time. These cabanas are the traditional pole sided thatch roof shelter found throughout the Yucatan. Bathrooms and showers are available at the restaurant. There is usually ample parking available should you chose to stay and sleep in your vehicle. The Mirador Maya Restaurant is on the south side of Highway 186, 1/2 mile west of the crossroads in Xpuhil.

There is a so called hotel in the Calakmul Reserve. The Hotel Calakmul is located in the Chalakmul Reserver a little east of Xpuhil. I have inspected this property on three occasions. This is not a traditional hotel. It is a collection of palapas and or cabinas, none of modern standards. Some are elevated off the ground and some are build on a concrete slab level with the ground. There is a restaurant, small outdoor swimming pool and a retail gift area. The restaurant offers boxed lunches for your day trips away from the facility. I have stayed here once and have attempted to stay there on two other occasions with confirmed reservations. One of the reservation was paid for in cash by a friend living in Merida. These reservation included diners. On both occasions I was bumped out of my reservation to accommodate a tour bus group. The time I did stay was not worth the price of admission. The power supply was off for and entire day and they were out of water for another day. The management offer no compensation for these lack of water and electricity. I was treated very unprofessionally when I asked for a reduction of my bill due to the failure of their water and electrical supply. The staff had little knowledge of any of the Maya Ruins in the area. The box lunch provided at $11.00 per person was a complete joke:( Poor and old ingredients and an amazingly small portion. I did not order the box lunches for my remaining three days. I would rather pay the $5.00 per person rate at the Mirador Maya Restaurant Cabanas than the $80.00 per room at the Hotel Chalakmul. At least you know what you are getting and the food is great with a happy helpful staff.


There may be hundreds of Maya ruins within 2 hours of Xpuhil. I will list the ones that I have visited that are named and have been open to the public. Balamku, Calakmul, Oxpemul, Manos Rojas, Chicanna, Becan, Xpuhil, Culucbalon, Zoh Laguna, Puerto Rico, Payan, Hormiguero, Rio Bec I, Rio Bec II, Rio Bec III, Rio Bec IV, Rio Bec V, Rio Bec VI, Rio Bec VII, Rio Bec VIII, Rio Bec A, Rio Bec B, Rio Bec C, Rio Bec D, Rio Bec E, Rio Bec G, Rio Bec H, Rio Bed J, Rio Bec K, Rio Bec L, Rio Bec M, Rio Bec N and Kohunlich. The Rio Bec sites may actually be all one site. There has not been enough archaeological work done at this time to confirm a continuous occupation over this entire area. I have spent hundreds of hours walking around this area looking for ruins. Some of these sites are very large, as in Calakmul. It is only now being mapped to reveal the grand size of this site. There are ruins every where!!! You cannot walk in any direction for more than an hour an not find a significant monumental structure in ruin. A significant amount of the deterioration of these ruins are the result of looting and locals mining these sites for the dimension stone to build modern housing, fences and walls. It is obvious that this area was heavily populated prior to the arrival of the Spanish.

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The Mirador Maya Reataurant Cabanas