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My first weekend in Barcelona
So I've been in Barca for 5 days now and I've made some initial observations.

1.  The people here are generally very nice.  If I need help with something people are willing to assist.
2.  Everything is super late here.  I heard that dinner is late, but I surely wasn't under the impression that dinner would start at 10 PM.  Lunch is also a bit later as well and starts between 1:30 pm and 2 pm.  I've grown accustom to the changes, but I think I will still eat dinner a little earlier than 10 PM.
3.  While on the subject of being late, the nightlife starts super late.  A group of us went to a club at midnight thinking that it was a perfect time, but the club was completely empty.  Come to find out, people don't get to clubs until 2 am!  And they stay open until 6 am.
  So I've experienced late nights twice this past weekend and I am exhausted, but I guess I gotta get used to this :)
4.  The food has been pretty good so far.  I think that I've had my share of tapas for now and will look into other options starting this week.
5. The metro system here is good and easy to understand.  This is extremely important since I've never really had to rely on public transportation before.
6.  Everything closes here from 2:30 to 5:30 pm and on Sundays, with the former being siesta.  I learned this the hard way while trying to do some grocery shopping today. That being said I need to plan my errands a bit better to make sure that I can actually get something when I go places.
7.  The Euro/dollar conversion rate is not that bad.  This is of course compared to last year when I traveled and the Euro was two times the dollar.  However, prices are comparable to what I pay in the states.
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My first weekend in Barcelona
My first weekend in Barcelona
photo by: fivepointpalm