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India -
Currently flying over India. The world looks so big on the map, Beijing to Thailand, so far, Delhi to bangkok, such a long away. Time went fast, too fast, in places like Vietnam and Lao.
I miss america. I miss music, driving, the smells, fast internet, cell phones, not feeling worn out. I've spent 59 days in Asia, seeing China, Thailand, Lao, Veitnam, and Cambodia, each was good, hard, and interesting. I've been downloading music like crazy, all the tunes ive been missing. Johnny cash, beetles, et.

India - between Delhi and Japuir. 9-3-9

Looking out the window, covered with face oils from other touching and peering out. The land his brown, light dotted with trees, the grass is brown and very little green, its been a long time since rain season. It looks valley in Cal during the summer. growing up of the land are smoke stacks, i am unsure of the use, since there is no base, just a stack, teaching into the sky, spending its blacks notes into the sky. colors of pinks, red, and orange pop up from time to ime, people working the land.

I don't view india as asian at all. Its not Asian, not even close. The sights, smells, look is not Asian, its something else - its indian.

Its dirtier here then anywhere Ive seen, trash is everywhere, buildings falling apart, from years of miskeeping. I hear hellos on the bus every time people answer their phones, then i hear a forgien tongues.

The bus slams on the breaks, i look from the middle seat, car? Bike? no, cow.

I need to embrace india, read local news, learn about cricket, politics, i think ill go farther, if i do. everyone seems to ask me, where are you going, for how long, i need to stop letting people carry bags, everyone wants a tip, uncommon in asia, they expect nothing and like it, here they wait for it like a dog dinner table waiting for somome to miss their mouth, dropping a piece unto the floor.

I wanted to take the train, but i figure there would be time for the train, the elephant festival is on the 10th, so i didnt want to take the train, arrving at 9pm would be too late, now i arrive at 5pm. before the sun sets on the city.

the wear down look is amazing. everyone looks old. nothing new. buses, cars, bikes, tons of scares, and dents. the white cows, are discolor brown, covered in dirt and smog.

Farther south we go, the drier the air gets, i am coughing more and more today. with each breath i feel my lightly burn due to nothing to keep it nice and wet inside, the air stings.

Watching a father and sun in front of me, the childs eyes are pale white, the color in the center, deep black and browns, looking up to his father in interested on what he has to share with him.

i arrive in Japuir, find a guesthouse for 300rs. its near the guesthouse i wanted to say at, but they are full. Doing a quick walk around the city, i find it dry and dirt, all buildings are pinkish in color, its why its called the pink city. I find a McD, i settle for this tonight, since I was hungry, and it was a safe option. Ill try local food starting tomorrow. I see people begging for money, grabbing onto western.

I wonder around for a bit longer, finding nothing of interest. I then set up for a bar or some beer, its been a long two days, and i need a drink. I return to my guest house to ask where is a good bar, i get a bad answer, your room....

There are no bars, and they stop selling beer at 8pm, its 830 when he tells me this.

I turn to the streets in search for beer, then buy some bananas to give to beggars, I give two to a woman near the stand, then set off to McD to give to the children beggars ive seen before. I give one to a woman first, she said one for my child, i say ok. Two children come running towards me, i give them a banana, then 5 or 7 come running towards me, within seconds, i have a sea of children half my size, all with black hands and bodies, grabbing and ripping apart the bag, i try to tell them to wait, its usless. I give in, giving up the bag, they rip it apart fighting over the contents. Two girls don't get banana's. They follow me asking for money or food. I say, I will get them food, they stop at place that sells an egg sandwich, i ask how much, 10 rs each. I agree, two. both girls are happy, they say its good, they like it. I tell them not to fight over it, since they are both getting one, they agree. it smells good, if i didnt ate, i would of have one as well.

They both get their sandwich and walk off happy. Walking back to the guesthouse, I have a few motorbikes stop, they want to talk to me. I am untrusting, and go along me way. I hate not being trusting, however, i had getting screwed over anymore.
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photo by: oxangu2