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Central Station in Sydney

41 hours long, by my calculations (which I wouldn't trust, I haven't slept in 41 hours).

I got up at around 8.30ish and went down to take advantage of the hostel's free breakfast. I tripped over the kitchen step on the way into the kitchen to get it, I tripped on it on the way out with my cereal, I tripped over it again on the way in to do my dishes, and again on the way back to my room, and once more when I went to donate Dani's lollies, which I'd calculated to be 250g too heavy to bring to Costa Rica.

I walked to the train station (deemed the safer option), took the train to Central Station and then to the airport, and joined the end of a very long and slow check in line.

LAX Airport, and our Mexicana plane.
Behind someone who turned out to not only to be going to Costa Rica, with ISV, but to be in my project group, and before a creepy Italian guy from Canberra who wouldn't stop talking to me. I wanted to initiate conversation with the girl in front of me because it was pretty obvious she was with ISV, but her family were getting all teary, and I am a wuss, and that creepy Italian guy wouldn't shut up. Creepy Italian Guy managed to continue following me beyond the check in line, security, customs, everything, and even be moved to my same flight to LA. As we walked onto the tube-thingy-that-connects-the-plane-to-the-airport he asked what seat I was in, and I had to show him my ticket (with all my appendages crossed that it was no where near his). Luckily it really wasn't, but he started talking about how you can get free alcohol at the back of the plane or some shit and if I wanted to join him later or something, and I told him "Yeah, maybe.
Part of our group waiting in the LAX boarding lounge.
.." (...not).

On the plane I was next to a guy who was also going to Costa Rica, to see his girlfriend, or something. He said something ridiculous like he had accidentally booked a connecting flight to San Francisco instead of San Jose, so was catching a train from San Fran to San Jose. Idiot. In 15 hours I slept roughly 0 minutes and watched roughly 8 movies, but did manage to successfully feign sleep every time Creepy Italian Guy walked down the aisle. Thank god for being seated in the middle of a row.

We arrived at LAX early, or something, and they weren't ready for us, and also renovating the airport, so it was rather chaotic and took us literally hours to get through security.

Waiting outside San Jose airport while Candice's luggage is sorted.
When I tried to bring my baggage through I was told that my fingerprinting-guy must have forgotten to stamp my passport, so I had to go all the way back to find him again. Idiot. I talked to a crazy lady who was going to Dallas, while spying on a group of slowly growing backpacked-people that looked suspiciously like they might be ISVers. Eventually I tagged awkwardly onto their group until they asked me if I was stalking them/was with ISV. Together we proceeded to look for the "guy with a sign" that was supposed to be greeting us. He was spotted by his ISV Staff shirt, with no sign, but not before Aaron was conned out of $10 (US!) by a strange leg-complementing woman.

Our sleep deprived group slowly grew as people arriving from different cities joined us. We passed the time by playing various card games, highlighted by girl-who's-name-I-can't-remember saying "5!" during an intense (okay, so we were all barely awake) game of Bullshit, when the last card was an 8 and her card was a 2.

Hmm, water on the floor? What are you talking about? I certainly don't know anything about it.

Eventually joined by the Kiwis, our group (which had now grown to 16) boarded the plane to Mexico (now adorned with name labels) for a pretty uneventful flight, interspersed with some very short spouts of sleep. In Mexico, after a maze-like return from immigration, where we left one of our number (an illegal immigrant. no, she just wasn't allowed to walk around the airport with her Malaysian passport), we met Lauren. She was from the ISV group before our's (and she spotted us so easily, are we that obvious? Yes, obviously). She had just finished her two weeks of project and was about to go on to her adventure tour, but had to come to Mexico City to visit the embassy because she'd had her passport stolen in the market in Heredia on her first day. She also got stung by a scorpion at her project.

Our room ... and more water ... in the lobby.
She didn't get us all that excited about what lay ahead for us, to be entirely honest. We were glad to have her though, because none of us spoke any Spanish, and our boarding gate was changed at the very last minute ... and this minor change was only announced in Spanish over the speaker system.

We arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica around 12-ish, and left the airport at around 2am, because Candice's luggage didn't arrive with us, or at all. Dani wasn't at Hotel America to greet us, like I'd thought she would be, but a man with a large gun was (well, he was standing outside the casino next door, same thing really). No one got to sleep until around 4am, but not before me and my roommate, Geri, managed to flood not only our room, but the lobby and entire first floor.

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Central Station in Sydney
Central Station in Sydney
LAX Airport, and our Mexicana plan…
LAX Airport, and our Mexicana pla…
Part of our group waiting in the L…
Part of our group waiting in the …
Waiting outside San Jose airport w…
Waiting outside San Jose airport …
Hmm, water on the floor? What are …
Hmm, water on the floor? What are…
Our room ... and more water ... in…
Our room ... and more water ... i…
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