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Planes, Trains & Automobiles a Paramount Pictures Comedy released in 1987. Written and directed by John Hughes and starring Steve Martin & John Candy.   When every mode of transport fails them in what should

have been a 1 hour and 5 minute New York-to-Chicago flight turns into a three-day misadventure. Planes Trains & Automobiles 2009 is an American comedy produced by Old School Bill’s desire to visit his friend Carlos tuga living in Seville Spain.  OSB is making me crazy!!!Amsterdam, Brussels, (almost) Paris, Madrid, Sevilla.

OSB has booked the 1st portion of the trip-Tampa International to Gatwick London arriving British Airways flight #2166 at 8:10 BST April 02 2009.

Options-a choice that is or can be taken, especially a course of action that remains open for somebody to choose.
1-Fly to Seville from Gatwick; Fastest & Easiest.

2- Gatwick to Stansted- Ryan Air’s discounted air fares to Seville. 

3-Eurotrain to Brussels drink with Chokk-Fly to Seville.
4- Take Euro Star from London to Paris to Madrid.  The Last Leg return part of the trip is booked from Madrid to London on April 14 will be staying at the Hotel Hilton London Gatwick Airport.

Which way do we GO??  What mode of transportastion do we take?  How long do we stay??  How many TravBuddies can we meet-up with?

Meet in Brussels rent a car & drive to Seville? 

Meet in Amsterdam rent a car & drive to Seville?

Meet in Amsterdam or Brussels or Paris & take the train to Seville?

Meet in Amesterdam drive to Brussels take a train to Paris? Meet in Amsterdam drive to Brussels train to Madrid?

The Trip Will be Called “Bill & Carlos's European  Vacation" "OSB & TUGA's European Vacation"
3/10/09 Today is the day I book the middle of my trip.
& Automobiles

Skypeing with my friend tuga & make some reservations before it is too late.   Key boards flashing, credit cards on fire & friends laughing. The Plan for Bill & Carlos’s European Vacation as of 10:45 March 11 2009 April 2 London, England.

Let the OSB & TUGA Party Begin!! Arrive at London Gatwick 8:10 leave for Amsterdam

Meet tuga  at 15:30  in Amsterdam  rent a car drive around for a couple of days(Meet TravBuddies) then drive to Brussels.  Arrive Brussels from Amsterdam See tuga  brother, (Meet More TravBuddies) drop off rental car. Leave Brussels April 5 by train at 11:13 by train arrive Paris 12:35.Leave Paris by train 19:45 April 5 arrive Madrid 9:10 April 6.
Madrid to to Seville rent a car or ????

Seville Spain April 7th to April 14th Now it is time for the OSB No Plan Plan at last!! April 14th arrive from Madrid at Gatwick at 16:40 spend the night & head back home to Florida in the morning of the April 15th.
Hola me llamo Cuenta Vieja de Escuela que soy perdido otra vez. Hi my mane is Old School & I am lost again.
Things left to do as of 10:45 March 11, 2009 Learn to 3 or 4 Languages.

Arrange lodging in Amsterdam 2 nights & Brussels 1 night-done 3/12/2009 Hotel Estheréa will be hosting the OSB & TUGA Traveling Minstrel Show. Take an internet class to learning the virtues of patience. I want the trip to start NOW!!

Pick up Fun Meter from shop needed to be rebuilt & recalibrated as the LED Display was blown up from constant WFO reading from my last trip. 

Rent car or a ???? to Madrid to Seville. Make a batch of OSBSSC-Old School Bill SuperShineShine Concentrate-21 day cure time-just mix 02  guaranteed to part clouds & bring out the Sun
within 1.00567 minutes. Please have sun glasses & sun screen ready for yourown protection! 3/13/2009

All the reservations to be made by OSB are complete, printed out; paper clipped together by flight, trains & hotel reservations.
"With A Little Help From My Friends" (Tuga) & Skype the return Flight from Madrid to London is complete.
  Placed all in the folder with all travel documents, top right drawer OSB’s desk waiting for the trip to start in27,205 minutes + or - 6 minutes.  Tuga is waiting to hear back from his brother in Brussels about accommodations for the one night there. Tuga will also contact the car rental company or Donky Cart Mart in Madrid.  Even with all the precautions of both members of the Planes Trains & Automobiles 2009 OSB & TUGA’s European Vacation Travel Tag Team being on Skype at the same time & on the same page through the booking process there was a Screw-Up.  OSB’s flight was booked coming out of Heathrow instead of Gatwick, problem fixed with only a small amount of cussing, finger pointing (I think you know which one)  & a few$$$$'s thrown to the wind. 
No problem Mon!!  If the Fun of the trip itself  is as much Fun as the preparationto have Fun is, then this will be the all time most Fun  Filled trip in history of OSB & Tuga Tag Team Travel Times Together!! 

The Rail Europe tickets arrived this afternoon from their White Plains, NY office's.
All aboard Crazy, but that's how it goes on the OSB & TUGA European Vacation Road Show
The painfully slow  count down now stands at 27,138 minutes. 3/14/2009 The last piece of the puzzle Brussels-Hotel Ortz for the OSB & Tuga European Vacation is now in place.  Now all we have to do is wait I want to go now;  25,860 minutes & impatiently counting till take off!
tuga says:
Just to remind you that after you read this, over and over will be less minutes to wait!!!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2009
hummingbird50 says:
Well your almost there already Bill....:):):)
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
oldschoolbill says:
My whole body has the Time To Travel Twitchies. I don't even have a enough patience to make a single brick much less a pillar. It's My plan & I Want to Go Now.

Live every day as if it were your last and then some day you'll be right. ~H.H. "Breaker" Morant
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
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& Automobiles
& Automobiles
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