Getting the short end of the stick (again)!

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Now we were looking forward to a few great days including amazing impressions and more challenging trips through the mountains in France.

You sometimes have this feeling that not everything will go as well as wished and hoped. Of course, you keep your fingers crossed that you just had a bad dream or something like that but from time to time you could bet on your abilities to foresee a happening.

Maybe I was influenced by reading to much of the Harry Potter books but I had this strange feeling. Not really surprising, thanks to our adventurous tours along steep mountain roads just centimetres away from the rocks but nevertheless … 
We experienced our next heart attack in the middle of the French mountains near Nice!
We came to a little mountain village, where the locals weren´t that good at parking their cars because the vehicles were already blocking one lane of the narrow street. No worries,  it was still enough room or at least our mobile home would have had enough room to go around these cars if a very rude and pushing car hadn´t come from the opposite direction!
Although it would have been our turn Dad had driven a backwards again. One metre … two metres … crash! Oh no, not again! … Horrible but true the motor home had crashed into the rock wall behind us! The scratching sound was terrible and just the foretaste of the big and really bad damage.
By the way, thanks to this reckless driver, who´s gone by then.

When we jumped out of the car a single glance was enough and we knew that this accident had caused more than a tiny scratch. The entire right side on the back of the mobile home was torn apart! Unbelievable!! ... At least it had been the right side again.

A very helpful French guy gave us a hand while we were fixing the back so that we were able to go to a campsite in Le Sauze du Lac.
I´m not exactly sure why we stayed so calm but it couldn´t be bad because the repair lasted the whole afternoon. This session was quite similar to defusing a bomb just the other way around then all the cables needed to be fixed, which was quite a puzzle.

What a day! But I guess a day without any new incident would have been pretty boring ;-)

sylviandavid says:
So a jerk driver made you crash then a nice man helped you... Luckily they canceled each other out so it was a good day!..... Great that it stayed calm... :) .... a good tangle of good and bad!
Posted on: Mar 22, 2009
marksreynolds says:
Wow, you guys really have some exciting adventures!! Can't wait to read what happens next ;)
Posted on: Mar 15, 2009
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photo by: Niki-Travelfan