Saying Goodbye to Poland Already!

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Wow...seems like we just arrived and it's already time to fly back to Holland.  We had an early flight which meant up and out early, especially since we really have no clue how to get to the airport.  We forego wandering around to make sure we get back to the airport in time to get our rental car dropped off (to someone somewhere) and make our flight.  As usual, the best laid plans never work! LOL.

We stopped for breakfast in our hotel which was incredible....I am learning I'm a huge fan of the breakfast buffets included in most of the European hotels we've stayed at.  This one was exceptional and lots of interesting options so of course, I had to peruse the offerings while Brett is over there slightly stressing that we need to get on the road.

  Ok! Ok!

After breakfast, we checked out, had our car brought around and headed out....with directions from the hotel on how to get to the airport.  No problem, right?  Wrong!  We managed to make a wrong turn or two but yours truly got us to the right highway by reading the trusty Poland map! :D 

We arrive towards the airport and try to reach the rental agency who's supposed to come meet us to drop off the car.  Do they answer....? Heck no!  Brett tries several numbers and finally gets ahold of someone who says they will contact the person.  We get a call back from a girl at the rental agency or something and turns out our guy got into an accident or something and couldn't meet us. Do you think you could pick up a phone and let someone know that?!?!?!  As it stands, we are at the airport and running out of time to check in.

  Yours truly is almost in panic mode when Brett decides to try and park where the other rental agencies have drop off.  We get spotted by the Polish Police who come up and tell us we have to move the car.  Brett explains the situation and that we only have 5 minutes to check in for our flight and we will go move it if the rental person doesn't come.  Can you ever imagine doing that in the United States?!!??! 

We get checked in with two minutes to spare before Ryanair closes the counter. Whew!  Now, we have to figure out what to do w/the car.  Hmmm, he calls back and she's on her way but not here yet.  The line for security is rather long and we are 15 minutes til boarding time.  They agree he will go park the car in short term parking and leave the keys and parking ticket with the information people.

  Yeah right!  We go try to talk to them, they won't take it and direct us somewhere else.  Then they direct us back to Information who then directs us to the rental car counters (this "agency" we rented from doesn't have a counter there). Still seems like a pretty shady operation to me.  Finally the woman is on the phone and says she will try to talk to the information lady who really wants nothing to do with us or this phone.  She finally agrees to hear the rental lady out and a few words in Polish and she's taking our keys! Sweet!

We try to rush through security and they are already starting to board our plane.  Eeeek!  Had we waited for the car rental lady, we may not have made our flight.  But we did and that is all that matters! 

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photo by: anjok