A Big Language Barrier & a Speeding Ticket!

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Wow..what an exciting stop!  I am sure Brett would rather it wasn't though!  We were cruising along when a police officer basically jumped in front of our car trying to get us to stop.  We pulled over and of course, he spoke no English and we had no idea what he was saying.  He made Brett get out (who didn't have a jacket on mind you) and brought him to someone else who was standing by the side of this big semi truck.  Brett looked into this camera and I figured it might have been a speed camera. 

Next thing you know, the one officer has walked across the street with Brett's passport and ID card.  WTH!?!? The other guy apparently spoke some English and had this phrase book so they were able to communicate a bit and it turns out we were apparently speeding and we had to pay the fine right then.

..in Czech Crowns!  Uhhh, yeah right!  Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Brett was able to get them to agree to let him wire transfer the funds.  Poor thing though, he had been standing outside in below freezing weather with no jacket for quite some time.  They had let him come back and sit in the car while they finished so he was able to raise his body temperature again.  I was incredibly worried about hypothermia!  :-( 

Soon, we were back on our way but the snow started falling more so we were going to have to scrap our plans of driving through Slovakia much otherwise we had to pass through the Carpathian Mountains and we didn't know what to expect so we were going to cut our road trip a little shorter and just drive through a very small part of Slovakia.  Darn police officers! 

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photo by: poohstanggt