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After finishing Auschwitz I, we decided to take a cab over here to see this one (we later learned you could drive yourself despite what all the books indicated) and we probably should've driven as we ended up in a minor accident! LOL.  As our cab driver was backing out of the spot, he ran into another cab which was stopped in the parking lot.  Uuuugh!  It was no damage but I was of course leaned forward in a weird position when it happened so it tweaked my back.  Now, it was quite an experience to be in an accident somewhere like there versus the US.  Given that I have worked in litigation for almost 12 years - insurance defense, I am used to everyone suing if they get a hangnail.  An accident like this in some parts of the US would've required the police, emergency personnel to verify no one was injured, and ultimately a claim being made.

  But here...the driver never even asked if we were ok or apologized! HAHA. 

Anyways, we arrived at Birkenau and the driver did give us some tips of what to see since we didn't have a lot of time.  There was a ton of snow on the ground here, making it incredibly difficult to walk.  We were slipping and sliding all over in the sludge....just lovely! We went up the observation area and walked back to the memorial area.  Due to all the snow, it was impossible to get to some of the areas like the crematoriums, and the ponds where the ashes were dumped.  We did walk back on the railroad tracks which was also an experience I will never forget. 

williamsworld says:
I know it is hard to smile after you visit here, but you wrote a very nice summary. I had the hardest time walking through this area. Thanks for sharing truth with the world.
Posted on: Apr 25, 2009
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photo by: amanda576