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I woke up nice and early to make a start to my adventures. Although I didnt really know what I was going to do- Luckily the hostel had a really good free Singapore map which came in handy many times!

I decided to walk from my hostel in little india down to the merlion and have a look around that area. Just my luck though as I headed off the sky grew overcast and it started spitting with rain. After a few wrong turns I got to where I wanted to be.. took the merlion tourist shot and wandered a lttle more. Oh and can you imagine my suprise when I got about 100 metres away from the merlion and the rain stopped and the sun came out. Always the case it seems! I wandered through a park and bumped into a Yogi... yes, litterally DID bump into him... although it wouldnt have made a difference since he intended to try get some money out of me anyway.

He wrote some stuff on a bit of paper, asked me a few questions, put a blank bit of paper in my hands, made me blow on it and do all sorts of things, then I opened it and it had my name and these numbers I chose written on it. Obviously then proud of his trick and my confusment, he opened up is little money sack and asked for a donation... which sure I was happy to give... but no, the coins i pulled out of my pocket werent good enough, he wants notes... Cant make money being a yogi he says! ( then maybe chose another profession??) so I pulled out a 2 dollar note and made a dash.
I pondered over this for awihle trying to work out how he did it.. as i couldnt remember if he gave me the blank bit of paper before or after he wrote my name down on another one.
.. then i realised it must have been after, and the paper underneat it must have got the imprint and be heat activated or something... Anyone want to clarify this for me??

After a long few hours of wondering I was absolutely rooted... we need to remember here that I have been working in an office, and I'm lazy and get no exercise, hence the longest walk I would normally do on a day to day basis is that to the fridge and back!

The highlight of Singapore.... After a lay down and some internet time at the hostel, I went to satay street!! I am a massive satay fan and have been looking forward to this since i discovered it existed. I went to the stall called "Best satay" which, as you can imagine, claims to have the best satay! Can't really comment on this since I didnt taste the others, but wow, it was pretty darn tasty!! Satisfied with my acheivment, i headed back to the hostel and had the best sleep ive had in weeks!!

kathski says:
I'm just bout to write a review for the hostel, id deff reccommend it!!! Nice outside area on the st to sit and have a beer and mingle!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2009
jefrois says:
So its only the beginning of your trip but already an eventful one lol...

Where are u staying? Good place? still need to find a place in Singapore
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
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