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Today was my first TB meet up!! Only a small one, but still great!

As with most of my days, this one started with a misshap. Was meant to meet Fiona and Matt on Orchard rd to get the shuttle to the zoo. Me being me I made sure I left early so I would probably get there early since i hate running late. BUT.. things dont always go as planned.. Map in hand I worked out which side i got off the MRT on ( well at least I thought i did...) and the distance to delfi didnt look too long. I looked at some shops, had some lunch and at about 12:30 (meeting at 12:45) i started making my way there. Except I WASNT making my way there, i was making my way back down the street in the wrong direction. Kept thinking it didnt look this far on the map, and finally when I hit Somerset MRT (the station I passed before getting off at Orchard) I realised I had gone the wrong way.

So, i spun round and hot tailed it back the other way. Exhausted, i made it to the bus stop about 3mins before the bus came (1pm) and met with Fiona and Matt.

Daniel and two others were to meet us at the zoo. So we waited for them and killed some time in KFC.
Now, i've heard so many great things about this zoo, that its one of the best in the world. But to be honest... wasnt really impressed!! Felt like we walked for at least 10minutes just to SEE our first animal and majority of the animals I couldve seen back at home anyway. Think we were all tired and sore by the end of it and were releived when we finally found the exit!
Daniel and I had bought a ticket to the night safari too... which I was keen to throw away and just head home, but Daniel wanted the company so i decided to stick around. It wasnt too bad, better than the zoo, AND we caught the tram all the way around. Apart from the lady on the microphone sounding like a sex phone worker, and the tram whizzing past some animals too quickly for me to see them (didnt have my glasses, so took awhile to squint them into focus ;) it was quite relaxing.

Went back to the hostel and drank until about 3am in the morning and made some new friends.

fionaryann says:
hmm sex phone worker eh? was that a gd or bad thing? ;) im thinkin she at least sounds sexy?!?! LOL!!
Posted on: Jun 24, 2009
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