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Well after all this waiting, saving and counting down, i'm finally here!!!! My 6 month adventure has finally begun!

So this is how it went down...

The morning to go to the airport finally arrived. All packed with my cold and flu tablets, nasel spray, eye drops and anything else I might need to disguise my swine flu symptoms (no i dont really have it, I have a cold, but i was worried since i'm from the swine flu hub they might qurantine me!!).
I arrived at the airport FAR to early as usual.. forgot that i was departing from the domestic terminal instead of international, which meant check in was 2 hours before flight, not 3! So Mat mum and I went and had something to eat and chatted while we waited for check in to open.  We went back at the check in time and the line was MASSIVE!!!! We did see the hawthorn footy club and a crazy maniac screaming lady who made a total fool of herself.

So we said our goodbyes and off I went! Luckily I ws seated next to a nice couple, who even shared their snacks with me... which was good cos i had the window seat and it was a struggle to get out to get mine from my bag! The flight was rather successful.... except for a baby sat right in front of me that screamed the WHOLE 4 hours... and im not just talking normal baby scream, im talking like non human something out of the excorcist screaming! And the stink that came from that thing.... also unhuman in my books!! And it had to have about 5 nappy changes all up! What on earth did these silly parents feed it before flying???

Anyway, the next leg from Darwin to Singapore went quite quickly, there was a spare seat next to me which was good...Anyway thats all boring stff really!

I was lazy and took a cab straight to the hostel from the airport, put my stuff down and had some food around the corner. Seemed a quiet night at the hostel, so I just went to bed. Oh but i did meet a man from Nepal who sat next to me at dinner and popped up a few more times during my trip... which was unfortunate since he gave me his number and I obviously never called him..

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