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The new camera! Part of me wants to drop it just to test how tough it is... but the other part of me is just not silly enough

I just couldn't help myself. I have been visiting this site religiously for a long time now, and everytime I do, i think to myself "Ohh I can't wait until I can start my travel blog and share all of my photos and experiences!".

So you know what? I decided a premature blog entry wont hurt anyone!

I have an excel sheet that has all my budget and savings and travel plans listed... it also tells me how many days I have left until June 13th when i board my plan to Singapore. When I first started the spreadsheet I had 280 days. So, as you can see, today being only 98 days to go, feels like i'm finally getting that little bit closer to leaving Australian soil!

I will use this prelim blog to cover such things as why, when, how and share my excitment with the world!

August 2008 I went to Malaysia to visit a friend- A random spur of the moment thing after quitting a much hated job at a Telstra call centre (yes im sorry, i was one of those annoying marketers that call you right during dinner time!!).

I'm just one of those people that can't get enough of macro mode... even when I lack good photo material
That was my first trip alone, although I did have a friend to stay with in KL, i travelled to Langkawi and to Phuket alone. When i returned from this trip, something was missing. Some part of me got left behind sipping cocktails with me feet in the sand watching the sunset from the island of Langkawi.
I think going it alone made me realise the true joy of travel. There is so much to discover and explore, and unless you are with like minded people, sometimes you may get held back.

So, the minute I landed back in Melbourne, the minute I started planning this trip.

I went back to work, and decided as well as working full time I would also need a second job for that extra cash flow (as i had a bit of debt, and a car loan i'm still paying off :( ).

and again...
Once I had landed the second job at Blockbuster video (which worked out really well since i LOVE watching dvds :) I kept my eyes peeled for a great deal.
At work one lunch time someone was reading the paper and the wind flipped it open to a page with a jetstar sale being advertised. Melbourne to Singapore at AU$280 including all taxes, luggage etc. I wasn't sure of any itinery, but I knew I would like to go to Singapore. Originally I had thought of flying AirAsia Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur- then bussing it to Singapore and back. However, starting in Singapore seemed the smarter option!
So, 5minutes later I booked a ticket for Saturday June 13th... why that date, im really not sure! But from then on, that has been the date that whispers through my mind from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep.
Clearly "Beauty" mode couldn't do much for me- except make my nose look uneven...or maybe it just really is???

Many different routes and itineries have gone through my head since that day. First I was going to be gone only 2 months, then come back. Then when airasia released their flights to London, i booked one for AU$300 (what a bargain!!!!) for September 2nd. So the new plan was to travel Asia for 2.5 months, then head over to London to work and travel Europe. However, I feared this wouldnt give me enough time to satisfy my asia craving, and then the whole economy crisis occured. The amount of money I could live off in Asia for a month would possibly only last me a week at max in the UK. Possibly the lazyness of not wanting to return to full time work for as long as possible kicked in, and i've now decided I will just stay in Asia until my money runs out, or until i'm ready to come home.

My Trip route... looks like a 2 year old drawing with crayon, but u get the idea!
I had also originally strategically planned how much time I would be spending in each destination down to a tee, but now i've taken the relaxed approach and will just move along as i see fit.

What i DO know is: I will be travelling to the following countries/destinations- probably in the main backpacking route that most people seem to do it, but who knows!

Start in Singapore- catch the bus up to Kuala Lumpur. Travel to Cameron Highlands then Penang. Ferry to Langkawi where I plan on spending at least a week on the beach doing nothing but relax! Then ferry to Thailand and onto Krabi, Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan- Then train up to Bangkok. Might check out Koh Samet, will stop but Ayutthaya on the way to Chiang Mai- then travel onto Laos. Not sure which destinations here, but will definately pit stop in Vang Vieng for some tubing!! Then onto Vietnam to travel the well travelled North to South route, cross over to Cambodia for the usual Angkor. Will then catch a flight (probably from Bangkok) to Manila in the Philippines. Havent researched a lot into places to go here, but on my list so far will be Manila, Boracay, El Nido, Cebu. Depending on money/time, might move on to East Malaysia, then back over to KL and Langkawi where I plan on spending some time before heading home.

So there we have it!!

EXCITING MOMENT OF THE DAY: I bought my new camera for my trip today. Not that there was anything wrong with my old Olympus that I bought just over a year ago, but this one is just soooo super duper cool that I had to. I've never had a waterproof camera before!! Now I just need to find somewhere other than my bath to try it out! I got an Olympus Tough 8000- bargained and got myself a good deal too!

So now... the countdown continues- I apologise in advance to whoever took the time to read this and was left slightly dissapointed haha. Once i'm on the road I hope to share with you wonderful photos and experiences- possibly slightly better than a close up of a tomato and a shell from my kitchen counter...

fooprick says:
read ur malaysian blog (2008).. looking forward to this one. nice read. got them already bookmarked. ^_^
Posted on: Aug 03, 2009
kathski says:
Hey thanks for that info!! Am always happy to here recommendations from people on places to stay- I will make a note n make sure I check them out!
Hope you are having an awesome time on ur travels!! Enjoy the rest!! :)
Posted on: Mar 06, 2009
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The new camera! Part of me wants t…
The new camera! Part of me wants …
Im just one of those people that …
I'm just one of those people that…
and again...
and again...
Clearly Beauty mode couldnt do …
Clearly "Beauty" mode couldn't do…
My Trip route... looks like a 2 ye…
My Trip route... looks like a 2 y…
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