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Today we headed to Surprise Stadium to see the Texas Rangers take on the Cubbies!!! I just wanted to check out a new stadium but I also heard that Nolan Ryan was out walking around the day before so I wanted to try and get an autograph and maybe a pic. Also I wanted to get my bat signed by Josh Hamilton. Well lol, I got really sick right when Josh came out, so I really didn't get to see what happened but I guess my mom really got them laughing. haha. My mom knew I wanted this autograph so she tried really hard. She was saying my daughter really wants this autograph, he replied "who do u like?" meaning what team do you root for, but my mom replied "I like you." haha that got the whole bench laughing. He said "What team do you root for?" my mom was hesitent but she was wearing an Angel hat so she couldnt lie.
haha. Since she made him laugh he came and signed for her only. By the time I was feeling better he had already gone into the locker room. I was kinda bummbed cause I didnt get to see him, but I still got the autograph. Then we saw Brendon Donnally, who used to play for the Angels so we talked to him and got pics with him that was cool,  then it was game time! I thougt if was kind of a boring game cause we really didnt know who to cheer for cause we didnt care and we really didnt know any of the players. Another reason I wanted to go to this game was to see Kevin Gregg who was a pitcher for the Angels that was really cool and talked to us alot when he was an Angel, but he didnt travel with the team, bummbed again. I was bored with the game so I started taking pics of the planes that kept flying over the stadium.  Josh was out of the game and was signing autographs right where we were sitting so I tried to just get a pic wiht him but he remembered my mom and said I signed a bat for you today and wouldnt even come near her. She is to rememberble. I dont even remember who won the game but all I know is that it was so hot at that stadium and we were all burnt to a crisp. It was fun but I wish there was more players on the teams that we knew so we could have cheered for.
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photo by: Africancrab