A's Vs. Angels (I got to be ball girl!!)

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We got up early again and headed out to the field. Watched the guys practice and warm up for the game which was agains the Oakland A's. I got pic with Jim Abbot, got some autographs and headed to the stadium to watch the game. 20 minutes later my mom came running to where i was and said "You wanna be ball girl?!!" I kinda didn't want to do it because it was so hot and I'm so not in shape to be running around in 90 degree weather. haha. but  then I thought when would this oppertunity ever come up again and I of course said yes. So I went down to the dugout and to find out Richard my buddie from the Booster club was the one who hooked me up with this deal.  So they took me and this other kid into the dugout and gave us instructions on what we were supposed to do.

We had to wear helmets the whole game so that made it even hotter. When the team started comming out, it was funny cause the hitting coach, Mickey Hatcher, knows me, just from always being at the stadium came up to me and said, "If you trip I'll be the first one to laugh." lol I love Mickey he is so funny. I got introduced to the umpires since I was the one bringing the balls and the water to them. The home plate umpire was funny his name was Jim.  We sat right next to Arty Moreno and behind the coaches for the game.  It was so fun cause you got to hear all the crap the players were talking. lol! John Lackey and Scot Shields talk the most crap. They were calling Dino Ebel the third base coach as pussy cause he held the runner at third instead of sending him home.  Then Dino came into the dugout and he started talkin crap back, haha. It was a long game it seemed and I was hungry cause I didnt get to eat lunch so I didnt have anything to eat all day. It was worth it though, cause after the game was over the players left equipment in the dugout and i got to keep Jeff Mathis's bat. It was cool. We took some pics of all of us by the stadium and then headed to the hotel to relax. haha. 

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photo by: Africancrab