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We left the house at about 2 A.M. and had a 6 hour drive ahead of us. I didn't fall asleep that night so I slept until we got to Blythe. So I was only awake for 2 hours of the trip. haha. We are finally here!!! We got there earlier than we used to so we went to Motel 6 to see if we could check in. Luckily we were able to, or else we would be stitting at the stadium for an extra 3 hours than what we usually do. As soon as we got checked in I called my friend Jody, who was already staying there and she was kinda nasty on the phone, so I wasn't to happy with her right now. Whatever I'm not letting her ruin my first day on vacation. So we got situated in our room we headed over to the stadium. I knew we were going to be like 2 hours early but that what they wanted to do, so we went.
  The people that work there remember us so we talked to them a lot and Joe gave us a roster of all the guys and a map of where all the stadiums are. So all the guys came out to practice and my mom was kinda irratating because all she wanted to do was get autograph. I didn't want to and she got all mad at me. I wanted to just chill and watch the guys practice, so I left and wet into the main field cause I just wanted to get away from both of them. haha not even one day and I'm sick of the people I came up with. All the big name players were in the main field anyway. I took a bat in  just in case one of the big guys decided to sign. So I was just talking to the lady next to me, she was really nice, she was talking about the Suprise stadium where the Texas Rangers and the KC Royals play.
She was saying how nice Josh Hamilton was and I love Josh so I was stoked on going down there and then she said that Nolan Ryan was there so that like sold me. I wanted to go so bad. Well all that waiting in the sun was worth it, Vladdy decided to sign, I called my mom and told her to bring me a new bat and that she wouldn't believe who I got to sign. :) I was so happy, I told her about the Suprise stadium, she didn't seem as stoked as me, lol. I went back in with a new bat and Bobby Abreau signed. So I was happy with the signatures I got so I went back out with my mom and Jody and they were ready to leave to.  So we packed our chairs and we headed over to Whataburger. haha. For the last like 2 years of going up here I have said that I wanted to try it. They had some awsome burgers. Over lunch I talked both of them into going to the suprise stadium. sweet! We decided to go to the Texas v. Cubs game on Friday. We get to see Josh and KG. haha.  After lunch we headed back to the stadium to buy tickets for the games. For the 25th and the 26th. 
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photo by: Africancrab