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Some thoughts on planning my Eastern Europe trip.
A little bit beyond a normal travel blog, I’m trying to take some of the peripheral experiences to travel (planning, packing, etc.) and comment on them in the time before my next “big” trip.

Because we have only a month, and are trying to tie together a few disparate threads of Eastern Europe, planning this itinerary has been a real challenge.  For one, one of my travel partners has to leave a little early, so we have to make sure that he can get back to Berlin on time for his flight.  Also, the region is actually more fragmented than a map might let it seem; and there aren’t very good transportation connections from some regions to others.  (For example, a lone bus route from Warsaw to the Baltics and no train!)

After messing around with the route map for quite some time, we hit on an interesting idea.

A route map.
  Why not try and connect from Budapest to Istanbul by rail.  This brings in a few interesting days in Romania. 

This whole process, from initial designs to a concrete plan, took about six months.  I would encourage other people planning trips to give a similar amount of time.  It’s not that it actually takes that long to solve the logistical problems, but that it’s good to let ideas ferment in your brain for a little while, explore all the potential options and then throw them all out the window and try putting the pieces together in a different way.

It’s a pain sometimes, but I actually enjoy messing around with all the fun possibilities.

P.S. - The LonelyPlanet video Jesse mentions is available here.
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Some thoughts on planning my East…
A route map.
A route map.
photo by: jhwelsch