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A sleeper cabin all to myself! Huzzah!

This is the first of a series of posts about my trip to Xinjiang.

I always sleep best on a train in the morning, after everyone else is awake.  I'm not sure, but I guess it's just because that's when the snooring stops.

Today, I eventually woke up at 10:00 and lay in my bunk for a while listening to the father in my compartment reading an English article aloud while his young daughter studied.  "The crisis we face was fomented by the irrational actions of blue-eyed white-skinned people."  Yikes!  That made me want to keep my blue-eyes shut and asleep.  I felt discouraged, thinking he was helping his daughter with such a racially charged school assignment.  Around noon, I finally stopped listening to mp3s and pretending to sleep and climbed down from my bunk to eat noodles and chat.

The landscape outside changing.
  While I was eating, the father handed me a newspaper with the word fomented underlined.  The sentence he'd been repeating earlier was actually from an article written by the president of Brazil and not, as I had worried, a school-assigned study excerpt for his daughter.

We chatted for a while, and I found out that the father and daughter were going to visit the father's deceased father who used to be a pilot in the Chinese airforce.  When we arrived at Wuwei, the grandfather's resting place, they said their goodbye's and left...

This left me in a completely new situation: the prospect of a cabin entirely to myself.  I was really pleased, but got nervous every time the train made a stop after that, fearing that a new passanger (a snooring one) would join me.  Luckily, none did.  Unfortunately, it turns out that snooring is not the only thing that keeps me awake on a sleeper train.  The difficulty of turning over in a narrow space the squeaking of the cabin trim are also contributing factors.  Listening to an mp3 player all night solves one of the problems.  Still not sure how to take care of the other.  I'll have time to figure out in 2 days when I get on the next train from Turpan to Kashgar.

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A sleeper cabin all to myself!  Hu…
A sleeper cabin all to myself! H…
The landscape outside changing.
The landscape outside changing.
photo by: TheJohnsons