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They're everywhere!
Since I crossed the international date line, I keep forgetting what day it is, let alone the time difference between here and home. It is Friday here, right?

I went to bed early again last night...around 9:30 and woke up at 6:00 a.m. again. WTF? I'm NOT an early bird, so I can't understand this change in my sleeping schedule.

I have no tours scheduled today, but there are several things I must get done before I can go shopping and relax. First thing I need to do is go to the hospital to get a medical certificate so customs will release my Metformin to me. I have no more left, so without that medicine my blood sugar will get really high. Once I have the certificate, then I need to call my contact at UPS to arrange delivery. Next on my list is to find a place that sells cell phones & accessories to try and find a charger for my phone. I left mine at home and my battery is now dead. I heard it ring in the middle of the night and it must have turned itself off afterwards. I have enough juice to turn it on, but it turns right back off.

The rest of the day? Who knows...I'm going to play it by ear.
X_Drive says:
I'm sorry you are finding more things to add to your checklist of things to take. Hope you had luck finding a replacement charger.
Posted on: Apr 09, 2009
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View from 4th floor of shopping mall.
I took a taxi to the Siam Paragon shopping center to get a battery charger for my cell phone. They didn't have the right type and told me to go to the MBK shopping center up the street. Oh great...more walking. But they don't open until noon, so I do a bit of window shopping at the Paragon. I ended up buying some lotion, body scrub, bath oil, and soap. I do like my bath products! I walked to the other shopping center and looked at the map to determine where to go. The fourth floor is one mobile phone or electronic stand after another. Luckily, the first one I stopped at had the charger I needed for 200Bht ($5.63). So my cell phone will be back in business shortly...woohoo!

Since I as at a shopping mall, why not shop, right? But before I do, how about a pedicure? That sounds nice. And I just happened to be walking right past one. The pedicure cost 400Bht ($11.28). Other things I bought: a blouse (finally found one my size...Thais don't really think about larger people, it seems). a charm for my cell phone, lots of dried fruits (including durian & mangosteen), spices, sunscreen and 14 DVDs of movies (most of them just now in the theater). The DVDs were 100Bht each, but if you bought 10, you got four for free. Here's what I got: Frost Nixon, The Spirit, Twilight, Bride Wars, Slumdog Millionaire, Gran Torino, Max Payne, Seven Pounds, X-Men Origins (Wolverine), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Doubt, and Defiance. I've seen two of them, but I liked them and would watch them again.

I got a motorcycle ride back home...this one didn't weave in and out of traffic like the one yesterday. Still, not having helmet seems like I'm playing with fate. But I arrived safe and sound back at my hotel.

I finally got through to someone at UPS and they will have the delivery person call me to arrange delivery. One step closer! I sure hope I get my meds soon because I don't want to start feeling ill from high sugar levels.

I forgot to mention that when the nurse took my blood pressure at the hospital this morning, it was 176/92! My BP has never been high like that before and it really scared me. I'm assuming it was because I was anxious combined with the humidity because when the doctor checked it, it was normal.

I guess I'll get a bite to eat downstairs and come back and watch a movie while I wait for the UPS person to call me.

Later that evening...

No contact yet with UPS, dammit! But on a positive note, the hotel manager sent up a complimentary plate of fresh fruit as a thank you for the review I posted on this site.
Theyre everywhere!
They're everywhere!
View from 4th floor of shopping ma…
View from 4th floor of shopping m…
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