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Custard-filled treats
Today is the Thai new year. I was supposed to meet up with my new TravBuddy friends at the Brick Bar on Khao San Road, but after reading the news this morning, I'm a little scared to go. Roads have been blocked off by red shirts and several people have been killed or injured. I'd just as soon avoid that mess, even if it means missing out on the water fights. If I were younger, I might still consider it, but I'm too old to try and run if I need to get away quickly.

I walked over to the street market and picked up one of those tasty deserts I had the other night. I don't know what they are called, but they sure are good! They are like a light dough that is fried and filled with a custard. There seems to be two halfs that they put together after they have cooked on one side. I would love to learn how to make them.

Tomorrow night I go to Siam Niramit for dinner and a show. I have nothing planned for Wed. but I may go shopping for another bag to carry home my loot. Otherwise, I'll need to leave some old clothes behind. On Thu. I'm taking a Thai cooking class in the morning at Bai Pai where I'll learn to make chicken in pandanus leaf, papaya salad, prawn in tamarind sauce, and roasted duck red curry.
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Wow, I must have been really tired since I just woke from a two hour nap (right after my Thai massage). I only woke when I did because the front desk called to say that Michael was down stairs. Once again I am amazed at how sweet Michael is. He only stopped by to drop off more medicine for me. I won't see him again on this trip since he's heading back to Chiang Mai. From what he told me, my decision to not go to Khao San Road was a good one. He said that entrance to it is blocked off and you have to walk quite a ways to get there. Also, he said one bus was put on fire. He opted not to go, too, and that is why he's going back to Chiang Mai...more peaceful there. He said my hotel is in a pretty safe part of town since everyone was outside conducting business as usual, whereas the area near Khao San Road is like a ghost town due to police restrictions. The newpaper said they were calling off the Songkran festival in that area, though it didn't stop some people from having water fights. So, I'm glad I didn't go and took my nap

Now...heading to Amazon.com to get a gift certificate for Michael since he's been a life saver with the meds!
Custard-filled treats
Custard-filled treats
photo by: Deats