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 Friday 3/18 �" Got up early to pack and enjoy our last morning here.  Had breakfast and caught a taxi to the air strip right across the street from Carrillo beach.  The best view from any airport I’ve ever been to. The runway was gravel and looked short..  Just a covered shack to wait under.

      The single engine 12 seater was a little late.   It was a bit breezy this morning. Took off over the beach, a little scary. We had to land in Norsara to pick up and drop off some people.

 The wind made the landing a little rough.

     Small terminal for Sanza airline next to the international airport.  Grabbed a taxi to go to lunch and he ended up driving us 15 minutes to a local place for lunch.  He waited for us, I did not enjoy the ride through town.  The food was good but should have gone to the Castrol gas station or the local place 4 blocks away that Oscar recommended. Had a 4 hour lay over, then our plane was 1 hour late. Met a lady from Chico who has lived in Quepos since 1989.

     Landed in Puerto Jimenez in South Costa Rica near Panama, and we were greeted by Kevin and Phil in their air conditioned Land Rovers.  Stopped at Grocery store for our usual and we were off.

  Headed for the tip of the Osa Peninsula.  The road was dirt and gravel, had to cross over a couple of small creeks.  The roads were better than in Monteverde.   45 minute drive to the Bosque Del Cabo though some cattle pasture land and jungle.


      We were met with a tropical drink and led up to the open air restaurant for our orientation of the tours and property.  All our meals were included here.

  We were led past the pool area though nice tropical garden to our Cabanas and were blown away with the view!  Our wooden thatched roof Cabanas were on the edge of a cliff with a great view of the Pacific.   The  Congo Cabana was hardwood, king bed with mosquito netting over bed, tiled bath and open air outdoor shower.  Jim and Jan’s Cabana was stucco and tile had a concrete patio, and bath tub and set on the edge with jungle on one side.    We had hot water showers, florescent lighting and fan near bed. No outlets or 120 powers here.

     Dinner at 7:00 buffet style, Caribbean night.  Phil blew his shell horn and all the guests arrived for dinner. Spicy good tuna, chicken Mole, fried Yucca, cabbage salad, potatoes, rice and beans guacamole and nice dessert. Fred was our waiter for the entire time.  He worked 29 days then went home for 4.

All the staff was very friendly and helpful.

     Kept doors wide open to the ocean and put the netting over the bed with the fan on.  It was warmer and more humid than Samara, although not as hot as I expected.  Had beautiful linens on the bed.   Very romantic and quiet except for the crashing waves below, slept great.

Saturday 3/19 - Woke up to see the sunrise over the ocean.  Humming birds and butterflies in the nearby trees.  Took an early hike by myself.  Saw some white faced Capuchin Monkeys up close eating in the trees. Some mothers had babies on their backs.  Saw giant blue, lavender Morphine butterflies that looked like birds flying in slow motion.

     They had a special breakfast this morning, blackberry cheesecake French toast.

It was great!  Ken had Tico plate with eggs. Starter was always juice, coffee and plate of fruit.

      Ken and I took walk on the creek trail along the ocean through the jungle.  Saw the tropical garden area where Phil and Kim built a new open air 2 story restaurant for future plans.  Saw a Toucan up in the tree, and some very large colorful spiders.  I saw 2 Scarlet Macaws in the trees, just amazing seeing these colorful giants in the wild.  I saw other parakeets too.

     We booked a fishing trip for tomorrow since we heard the sail fishing was hot.  Had a chicken burrito for lunch.  We saw a Coatimundi (raccoon like animal) in the bird feeder.  Ken took and a nap, and I relaxed for a while.

      I checked out the rental house on the property Casa Blanca.

  Nice 2 bedroom place with great ocean view, separated bedrooms, kitchen and front room with large covered deck area. Located about 230 yards from the restaurant. I would enjoy staying there next time and the price is right, $1600 per week, $800 per couple, food not included. 

   We took an afternoon walk. Saw more flying macaws, a large rabbit rat type animal called an Agouti, rare squirrel monkey (the only monkey that can’t use its tail to grab things or to help climb), red tailed variegated squirrel, large black and brown bird that

looked like a peacock, grouse, more toucans, lizards and a large green parrot. I was so exited at every new sight!




  Dinner was Chinese buffet tonight.

  Good, but too spicy even for me, too much going on with all the different flavors.  After dinner there was a Latin dance class with about 7 young girls having fun.

     While sitting on the deck at dark I saw a very bright small light flying from the garden between our Cabana’s.  Jim and Jan saw it too.  They saw the beetle type bug land, it closed its eyes and it went dark then opened its fluorescent green eyes.  It lit up like fire as it flew an amazing sight.  Found out it is called a lighting bug.

Sunday 3/21 -Woke up at 5:15, had breakfast and caught taxi to the boat.  Met Bob and Kim from Detroit.  45 minutes to the boat, split the $20 taxi ride.

     Darren the captain was waiting with his 30’ center console, twin engine boat.

 We were on our way, big swells going out and huge waves breaking on the surfer beaches. Arrived at the first fishing site about 1 ½ hours later. Swells were calmer now and we had some broken cloud cover.

      We began trolling with teasers and had the live bait to put out when the sail fish got close.  I was the first up.  Heard the drag on the cheater, Jeffery got the live bait out and my fight was on!  Had fishing belt on, my adrenaline was so high I couldn’t believe how hard it was reeling in.  My arms were getting weak as the Sailfish jumped and gave a little show then dove deep. After 15 minutes I got it to the boat.  I caught my first Billfish, about 95 pounds.  They laid it across my lap for a picture.  It was so beautiful with blue and purple florescent type coloring.  Then they released it back to be caught again.

No where else I’d rather be!

     Kim was up next.  After about an hour she had her fish hooked up on lighter tackle.  Kim had a fight on her hands, and she only weighted about 110 pounds.  She had a hard time but finally managed to get it in.  A beautiful Sail about the same size as mine.

     We decided to go further south where we heard boats were hooking up.  We saw a pod of pilot whales surface twice and then they were gone. 30 minutes later Ken had his hooked up. Ken had a easier time with his 65lb Sail.  Bob was up next, the captain yelled Marlin!  The Marlin chased the bait, nailed it, jumped then took off and broke the line. Darren estimated about a 300 pounder.  We started seeing a lot of birds going after bait.  Sail fish were jumping and rolling all over the place.

  You could see fins sticking out of the water very close to the boat. We thought we were going to have double hook up but only one got hooked and Bob was up.   Bob got his, about a 80 pounder. Time for a beer, chicken sandwiches and watermelon.

     I was up again and this time more relaxed, got belt on, and the fight was on.  This fish danced on the water, and pulled and tugged more than the other Sail did.  Took 25 minutes to get in, Jeffery got a hold of his bill and the fish kept fighting jerking Jeffery back and forth for a couple of minutes. Finally it settled down enough to put on my lap for a picture.  This one was big, about 110 pounds!  Huge dorsal fin and beautiful coloring.  After release, there were fish all over, the action was hot and heavy.

          Darren tossed a spinning outfit with live bait at one in the front of the boat and it took it.

  Ken grabbed the pole and his fight was on!  Ken fought fish for about 20 minutes it jumped about 10 feet from another boat that was also fighting a fish.  This one was bigger than his first, about 90 lbs. Ken was smiling ear to ear.    



      Saw a Dorado jump in the distance.

   Kim and Bob got their next ones right away.  Both were good size about 80 lbs each.  It was time to go back at 3:30pm, if not for the time we could have kept catching them. 8 Sails for 4 people was a great day even with 8 misses. 

     1 ½ hours back to Puerto Jimenez. We were 22 miles out and could see the Panama coast.  Driver Kevin from Bosque Del Cabo was waiting.  5 min. over to Parrot Bay resort to pay, and get Ken a tee shirt.  With tips price came to $2oo each for everything. 45 min back to Bosque just in time for shower, drink and dinner.  Bob and Kim joined us for dinner tonight. Ready for bed early tonight.

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photo by: calwinegirl