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Nairobi is a hive of activities if you ask me, many people live in harmony with a few hooligans who start negative activity when the sun goes down. Nairobi is the typical epitome of an African city and nation where the very rich and very poor live in proximity of each other with no middle class. You can literally cross the road from one section of gated mansions and well cut lawns to the desperation of children begging on the streets. Nairobi is usually the first stop for many travelling to black Africa, it is also the business heart of East Africa and home to the wings of Africa (Kenya Airways). In the earlier years many considered it a transit route from Uganda to Mombasa, but during the reign of former President Jomo Kenyatta, Nairobi grew to be the economic strength for the East African community.

Nairobi has all the large hotels and small ones with in proximity, banks, forexes, fine dinning restaurants, taxis and the main transportation the Matatu (quite an adventure in itself). When I first strated visiting Kenya (Nairobi) I travelled from Kampala aboard Kenyas most famous bus servive called "Akamba", Akambu bus provides service to and from Nairobi to Kampala, to and from Narobi to Dar-es-Salaam, to and from Mombasa Kenya, Busia,  Malaba, Arusha to mention but a few. For as little as 25, 000 Uganda shillings, one bought a return fair from Kampala to Nairobi (of course the fair went up since then). If you have an adventurous spirit this is a great way to see how Kenya particularly operates.

Nairobi also hosts one of th worlds only "Canivore" restaurants called the Canivore: It is known as Africa's  greatest easting experience. Here you can eat all the meat you want from all kinds of game animal. The meat is as tasty as the expectation of it. To dine at the Canivore one must love meat because that is all you will have here, the meat is roasted in huge charcoal pits or grills if you want to call them so, the smell of the different meats fill the air as one anticipates the taste. The roasted/ barbequed meats are called "Nyama Choma" and most of the people who come for this experience will choose the "all you can eat", I recommend you do so to get the best for your money. The sitting are is out door under a huge tented shade, the chairs specially crafted for canivore. The selection of meats include Zebra, Pork, Buffalo, goat, impala, kob, crocodile, Waterbuck, Hartebeast, jiraffe . . .  much of the attraction is in th elocal game meat. For the fussy eater, there is plenty of chicken, lamb and pok to choose from. The waiters bring the hot roasted meats on skewers right from the fire to the table and is sliced on individual plates. The plates are cast iron plates that are kept warm to keep the meat heated up as you eat. Canivore is one of the most popular restaurants chosen for safari experience in Kenya. The lunches are cheaper than the diners at least the last time I was back in Nairobi I at Canivore twice. My luch cost a little over $25 including taxes and at dinner it was a litttle over $28 with taxes, this was for the "all you can eat" platter.


Africancrab says:
Interesting, I don't think I have heard of the book. I should probably read it. I have been reading :In Search of Our Mother's Gardens" Isabella Alende
Posted on: Mar 31, 2010
Tinktinkie says:
Thanks for sharing. I just finsihed reading a book "The Bolter". It is a true story of a woman who left the UK in the 1920's to start a new life in Kenya. I enjoyed reading your blog, my friend!
Posted on: Mar 30, 2010
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