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One of my few not so good adventures was Mount Kenya . . . Peter dared me to climb the mountain with him and I stupidly took him up on it. It had been two years since I had Climbed Kilimanjaro and Rwenzori mountains, I had been out of the athletics field for two years too and the minimal hashing I did was not preparation enough for Africa's second highest peak. Peter assured me we had everything we needed, e had pre-arranged everything, but what he did not bring or think of, was what I needed. You see Peter is German and used to colder climate and he was definitely bigger than me. I tend to get cold for no reason whatsoever, so 30 degrees fahrenheit or zero degrees celcius, well that I DON'T like, period. We had spent the previous night at Mt. Kenya Safari Club a rather luxurious, expensive accommodation which was built as as a meeting safari place and a play ground to the wealthy, no expense was spared in designing this accommodation, the rooms are spacious, oppulent and almost too luxurious and out of place for a safari experience. Now imagine such luxury to the cold, chill and rather nfamiliar environment of the mountain where we had been taken very early. The recommendation was that we bring:

1) Warm clothing because at a little of 10,000 feet it gets cold.

2) Other warming gear like rain coats, warm hats, gloves, socks, O' my god please do not forget to carry socks, your feet will turn black, I mean really black. I'm already black, can you see my feet turning black? well they did.

3) Some altitude sickness medication, lip balm and sunscreen if you have delicate skin: O yeah it does get hot up there and the sun will burn you even at that altitute.

4) A camera and plenty of memory sticks or films if you are using the traditional cameras. Peter and I lost our camera at about 9,000 feet. We never made it to the peak, I could not continue.

5) A little training in rock climbing, hiking long hours, running would make the climb much easier and more enjoyable.

I should like to return to Mt. Kenya sometime more prepared than I went the last time.

gatonye says:
Greetings!Great to read about your experience climbing mt Kenya!Will be climbing over the weekend!Am glad to read about your experience,funny but i know you had fun!Thank you
Posted on: Dec 05, 2010
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