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Jon called today from the summit of Whitecap mountain.  He was standing on top of the cairn that marks the top of the mountain.  It was the only place where he could get a cellular signal!  He's making good time, and the weather has been improving.  He thinks he'll be right on schedule provided nothing untoward happens.
He took a wrong turn earlier, at the base of West Peak, where the trail apparently makes a new, unmarked?, turn.  It used to go along the shoulder of the mountain, and now goes over the top.  He was doubly confused when, on his detour, he saw an Appalachian trail marker that hadn't been removed.  In any case, the trail kept getting narrower and the obstacles larger, and he eventually decided that he was headed the wrong way.  Turning back ,he quickly reacquired the trail and was on his way.
He's been meeting a lot of southbounders who just started from Kathadin (it's that time of year).  It's been nice to have people to talk to, but its also made finding shelter space a bit of a challenge.  Fortunately he's been lucky so far.
He also had a run-in with a southbound porcupine on the trail earlier today.  The critter apparently wanted the entire right-of-way to himself.  Jon got within about ten feet and the varmint bristled his quills and started clacking his teeth.  Jon decided on the better part of valor and retreated to give the porcupine his space.  After a little while, the porcupine cleared the trail and Jon continued north.

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Whitecap Mountain
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