Update: Northern VA and WV completed, soon MD and on to PA.

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In Harper's Ferry, technically.

So far, Jon has been covering between 12 and 19 miles a day!  At Harper's Ferry, Jon picked up his "trail name" from an eccentric guy who gave him a ride to a local outfitting store.  Jon is now officially 'Backtrack,' mocking the fact that, on more than one occasion he has had to hike backwards on the trail for supply, food and shelter reasons. Can't wait to read his journal entries about them!

Other tidbits:
-He's surviving happily on his own food supply, but hinted at the 'awesomeness' of hiker boxes.
-His feet are consistently achy, especially since the 19-mile push in rain showers on Monday. He'd covered 10 miles already by 2pm, but due to weather, he either had to stick with a 10-mile day or nearly double it to get to the next shelter.
Between Harper's Ferry and Gathland State Park
So, at 3pm he started out on trail and arrived at the next shelter around 9:30pm. The next day, he assures me he 'took it easy.'
-The instances of cold and wet weather has restricted him to sleeping in shelters. His bag and tent are not enough to keep him dry and warm in 43F degrees and less with wind and rain.
-He has finished two of the three maps he brought with him. The Virginia section, West Virginia section, and by now the Maryland section have been completed, and he's on to Pennsylvania.

The last time we spoke he had been walking the bank of the Potomac River. Soon after, he was atop a cliff face overlooking the Potomac. I believe these were the Weverton Cliffs. At the moment, it has been a few days and I look forward to hearing where he's ended up!

mashamoo says:
Yay Jon!
I can't believe how fast he's getting through all those states! (or maybe they're just bigger in my head?)
I'm glad he's managed to find ways to keep warm and dry. Sleeping in soaked sleeping bags isn't great fun.

Posted on: Apr 10, 2009
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In Harpers Ferry, technically.
In Harper's Ferry, technically.
Between Harpers Ferry and Gathlan…
Between Harper's Ferry and Gathla…
photo by: RSofR