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It's been a strange couple of days, and it sounds like nothing has gone according to plan.

Josh dropped Jon off at the trailhead to Success Mountain, just inside New Hampshire near the Maine border at about 8pm on Friday.  However, when he tried to hike in, Jon found the trail impassible.  He got about 1/2 mile in and had to give up.  He hiked back out (it was bad enough that he almost got lost in the 1/2 mile on the way out!)
He then hiked about 4 miles down the road to a town where he negotiated a low cost stay in a motel in order to regroup.  They told him that the land near the trailhead had just recently been sold to a lumber company, which may have explained the trail conditions.

The next day, he hitchhiked into Maine.  After Jon got in the car, got a little worried when he realized that his driver had both a gun and a large knife.  It turns out he has a little side business - if you hit a moose or deer, he'll come out, put it out of its misery, and butcher it in return for a share of the meat.  In any case, he was nice enough to give Jon a ride to the first major road/trail crossing in Maine.

He spent Monday night was the Bemis Mountain lean-to, and Sunday night at the Hall Mountain lean-to.

Tomorrow he leaves for Rangely and gets back on the trail there.

It's been running about 25 degrees at night, but his new sleeping bag is keeping him warm enough.

He's spending the night tonight in Oquossoc. 
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