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Ah, what a lovely little lean-to! We arrived with little daylight left and quickly got water on to boil for dinner. Normally, light wouldn't be an issue, but we realized in the parking lot that Jon didn't have his headlamp with him, so for the trip, we'd be surviving with just the one. It got cold very quickly, but we warded it off with a delicious spicy Thai-peanut pasta dish with tons of veggies. I enjoyed the squishy bowl very much. During the night it was quite cold, even when wearing all I had and snuggled in a 35-degree bag. Not much sleep, especially when we were visited by a creature. It lumbered around outside but we could tell it wasn't very big. Jon made noise to try and scare it away, and we got up to move around and warm up a little. In the morning, I realized the edge of the shelter platform had been gnawed on by rodent-y teeth and there were white and brown quills littering the ground. We had intruded on the hang-out of a local porcupine. I named him 'Bernie,' and wrote a note about him in the shelter log. Pop-Tarts for breakfast and we're off!

Signed, Moosegut and Jax (still working on my trail name...)
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Minerva Hinchey Shelter