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Lizards on the pulpit rail at St. Stephen's
This day started early in Salzburg. We had to get out the door of our B & B by 7:10 AM to make sure we caught the 7:25 AM bus into town and then we would catch a bus to the train station to make our 9 AM train. Normally we wouldn't have to get up this early, but we left on a Sunday morning so the buses on this route only come by every hour until 9 AM.

Well we ended up getting to the bus so early that we were able to catch an early train at 8 AM. So we took that for the ride into Vienna. It was chilly in the Salzburg train station so we didn't want to wait an hour for the next train even though it was a little bit faster.

We got our 48 hour transit passes from a machine in Vienna and we were on our way to K & T Boarding House.
Inside St. Peter's
The place was an easy metro ride from the train station. We got there initially and we couldn't see the way to get into the place. So we thought no one was there. We hit this doorbell a couple times and no answer. Flo saw a Starbucks near by so we went there because Flo wanted a Chai Latte. I didn't get anything since the coffee was 3.50 euro.

So I went back and I found the directory on the door. I pressed the correct button and we were on our way. Flo was excited by the area because it had many shops. Since we got there on Sunday most of the shops were closed. Only museums and restaurants were open.

Our first stop was going to be Schonnbrunn Palace. To get there we were going to go back to the train station. We had a quick meal at McDonalds and Flo confidently said that she knew the way back to the station.
Fashion Armour note the pointed toes
We walked for about 5 to 10 minutes to discover that she was wrong. We realized this when we found all of these old grand buildings. Fortunately our second planned destination was the Treasury at the Hofburg Palace. We were actually very close to that so we decided to go there instead. The Treasury was highly recommended by our guidebook and Flo's coworker. It was an amazing place. There were outstanding crowns, scepters, religious relics, and other items. This is likely the best collection of these types of items anywhere since the Hofburg dynasty was over such a wide area over such a long time.

The Hofburg obsession with ancient Rome and religious relics was very apparent. They thought of themselves as God's representative on earth.

After the Treasury, we visited Schonnbrunn Palace.
The white gun is Ivory
This place was reminiscent of Versailles. The palace had many rooms with huge sprawling gardens. We decided to take the Grand Tour. We were given an audio guide with the price of admission. The audio guide was great it gave a great description of the rooms. There were also some rooms that had different themes and were decorated differently then Versailles. We briefly toured the gardens. We could have stayed longer, but it was getting quite cold so we decided to go back to the old town.

Once we got back to the old town, we decided to take a ride on the tram around the Ringstrasse. We hopped on Tram 2 and instead of taking us all the way around the ring it took us half way around the ring and then started heading off across the canal and into some other area. We hopped off the tram and on to another one going the other way.
Flo at the Opera
We got back to the point where we headed off track and then hopped on Tram 1 to take us the rest of the way around the circle.

After the circle was completed, we were tired and hungry so we decided to have supper. We seem to make the worst decisions when we are feeling a little tired. Flo saw a Chinese restaurant so we decided to go there. They had a sushi and Chinese food buffet. Well it was the worst place we had been to in Europe so far. The buffet lids were all closed so the dishes were probably sitting there along time. The shrimps were looking a little brown. We ate about one dish then we paid and got out. We hoped we wouldn't have diarrhea the next morning. After supper, we were both feeling tired so we decided to go to bed.

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Lizards on the pulpit rail at St. …
Lizards on the pulpit rail at St.…
Inside St. Peters
Inside St. Peter's
Fashion Armour note the pointed to…
Fashion Armour note the pointed t…
The white gun is Ivory
The white gun is Ivory
Flo at the Opera
Flo at the Opera
Getting ready for a joust
Getting ready for a joust
Austria troops standing for a cere…
Austria troops standing for a cer…
Craig at the Opera
Craig at the Opera
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