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A green belt of sacred land surrounds this town making it one of the few remaining towns in England that is unable to expand outwards. Evidence has been uncovered showing how this cradling belt of exuberant enrichment has been continuously populated for well over five thousand years and is now protected as a haven of natural beauty. To the north this includes the 5000 acres of the National Trust�s Ashridge Estate where vast numbers of deer, badgers, the rich and famous, and other wildlife are regularly sited by passers by. The woods to the south are thick and healthy and full of stiles and paths leading this way and that, the squirrels are more at ease here and simply sit and look edgily at me rather than the panicky ones I was used to. The fields on the far side of the woods are mainly farm land occupied by fair looking horses chewing at the mounds of grass by the fences that they could easily jump if they wanted.

Beyond the woods on the near side are seemingly endless fields of crops and yellow sunflowers, heads held high up to that burning yellow star in the sky, hustling its way through the middle of all this is a winding tunnel of a road in the grasp of great and ancient trees above. The first sign of life on the road is small farm with a tiny handwritten sign outside, behind the farm a melancholy pond sits tucked behind the edge, reflecting the cool afternoon sun as she shines her final rays of today.


It winds its merry way like lines of lizard tails, through the town the grand, Grand Union Canal, part of England's waterways of old. Today it is a nature haven where glamour-stricken ducks geese and swans sun themselves on the grassy hills running down to the water.
Many mammals such as voles, otters, minks and mice quietly live out their lives out of the glare of human's eyes.

The canal is supported by vast locks, encompassing sets of great iron arms with sleeves of hanging gates to inhibit the flow of water from one level to the next . Follow your way along the dusty tow-paths for several miles and you will find everything and nothing ahead, from traditional waterside bars where grandfathers sit and smoke their pipes with pints of real ale at their elbows to children climbing totem poles in the oh so common english summer rain . Sheep grazing cautiously in the green grassy fields beyond. In summertime masses of flowers and small fruit grow along the chalky path beside the waterside, providing treats for the blackbirds, blackcaps, tits, dunnocs, robins, wrens and Mallards that all enhabbit the area.
Under The Bridge
Grasshoppers play their instumental bodies creating a beautiful song to make tiny babies smile in their sleep whilst butterflies flutter by, their wings the colour of new born dreams. The barges come in every color name and design imaginable full of friendly fellows waving away like saturday morning cartoons. The water is brown and murky, reminding me of a discordant mess i once achieved by mixing too many paints together. As the sun sinks below the horizon the shadows of the overhanging trees appear to cower in fear of their opposites. They do this quivering in time to the almost never ending bird song of the dusk of another day.

Berkhamsted high street is common of an old market town, bookshops and supermarkets, bakers, jewelers and gift and charity shops.
Perfect Pastel Picture
The cinema is far superior to any other in the country, being shaped like the old theatre it once was, it now houses a large balcony leading down to a candel lit bar and restaurant below. Screenings of both classic and contemporary films can be viewed whilst enjoying a delicate meal and a glass of expensive yet sophisticated wine. Occasional youth theatre performances also take place here on occasion. Tickets do sell out quickly, often weeks before screenings, so its best to book early although there are often returns that can be bought at the door. Throughout the year small musical concerts of various genres take place on an evening, either at the town hall or at traditional pubs. Regular exhibitions of local art and photography are put on in a variaty of town centre venues. Any day out is wonderfully accompanied by apparetifes at one of the many award-winning restaurants, bars and coffee houses.
Big geese small cars
I would highly recommend the extra large goose :)

Berkhamsted is also the home to the British Film Institute's national archive, one of the best and largest film and television archives in the world, Other joys include a library, churches, a water tower and a good deal of historical architecture.


Berkhamsted train station is on the West Coast-Main-Line, linking London with Manchester and beyond. Trains are reasonably regular appart from at weekends where major engineering works almost constantly result in extreme delays and unreliable bus replacement services.

Information given within the station is not to be trusted. This said, I think i've met more weird and fascinating people time and time again stranded at that train station than any where else.
Welcome to Berkhamsted
Ticket prices are reasonable, although can vary extremely deppending on class, time and availability. There is a taxi rank situated outside the rail station and irregular buses to some of the surrounding towns.


In 1066 just two months after the Battle of Hastings William the Conquerer and the Normans were advancing thier way towards London. The saxons, defeated as they were, rode out from the great city meeting the enemy at the fort at Berkhamsted to negotiate the future of the crown. Having little choice but to submit the saxons offered William the Crown and so he lead the normans onwards to London and was crowned king of England at westminster on christmas day, 1066. The fort was later replaced by a Norman castle, built by William's brother, the ruins of which can still be seen today.

passionata says:
Nice story and nice to hear from you again :)
Posted on: Aug 10, 2009
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very nice pics! =)
Posted on: Jun 29, 2009
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You've no idea how lucky you are (:
Posted on: Mar 19, 2009
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Under The Bridge
Under The Bridge
Perfect Pastel Picture
Perfect Pastel Picture
Big geese small cars
Big geese small cars
Welcome to Berkhamsted
Welcome to Berkhamsted
Gooses :)
Gooses :)
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