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To kick start the year, officially (cos i know everyone was just slacking in Jan, before the CNY), me and a bunch of friends took a short weekend trip to Cameron Highlands. It was by far the best group trip Ive ever had!

We left for KL after a big McD breakkie, at about 830am. Headed straight to Bidor town, for their famous wan tan mee and herbal duck! It was indeed super yummy! Though we were still full from McD, but we cant resist pigging out on those yummy local dishes thats so delicious!



After early lunch, all stuffed and contented, we headed up to Cameron. As we were going uphill, the air gets colder and colder and I get drowsier and drowsier. Road was winding, was a lil bit nauseatic, apart from that… all’s good!! :)

Entertained myself along the way, to keep my mind off the nausea thats creeping up, I camwhore and enjoyed the breeze.

Totally ruined my hairdo! But I loved it!


 Upon reaching Cameron, we stopped for some sweet corns, oranges, vege and… camwhoring session full blast! hehehehe


The apartment we rented was great. Country Lodge @ Brinchang. At only about RM600+ in total, all 12 of us cramped into 3 rooms and a hall! Amazing eh! But there is just so much more fun and comfort being together all the time, and not forgeting cost saving too! hehehehe


At about 5pm, we started making dinner. Whats else to have on a nice evening with cold breeze and easy to cook? STEAMBOAT!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks to hot mama Michelle who work the hardest on this delicious dinner. We bought loads of food, ended up with lotsa leftovers! But at least everyone is super full after at least 3 rounds each! My favourite tau kee is a must! Yum! Seeing these pictures now makes me hungry!


After that huge and satisfying dinner, we chilled out and started drinking.

Heres the amount of booze we had to conquer in 2 days. hahaha.. Both nights were very eventful, thanks to these booze.


 We spent lotsa time exploring the town, visiting farms and parks, and camwhoring together. Everything there was strawberry, strawberry, strawberry! Me likey!! :)


A must not miss Kea Farm. Its actually a long street of peddlers selling local stuff. Corn, vege, honey, flowers, everything so fresh and cheap!! I myself bought loads of vege and corn. Good for my diet now, been eating vege soup for dinner. Sadly, got hungry really quick and ate some other junk food before bedtime. Argh, where is the old will power I had?????


The strawberry farm is of course a must not miss.

Went plucking strawberries at the farm, really good experience. :)   It was really hard work and good exercise crawling all over the farm finding the biggest and juiciest ones. Being the kiasu me, i hunted high and low for all the biggest ones, assuming they were the sweetest. Not nessasarily true actually… :P


Strawberry desert! YUM!!!!! There was a little cafe by the farm, of course serving everything to do with strawberries. Hungry from all the exercise I had plucking them early, had a huge cup of starberries & ice cream, topped with whipped cream! YUM  YUM YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!


And as everyone knows, Cameron, the motherland of tea, there were just sheets and sheets of tea plantations all over! We chose to go to the all famous Boh Plantation.

The ride up was quite a horror. The road was really small, was a very scary and stressful ride up. But, it was all worth it. The view was just simply breathtaking!


Our last day was quite sad. I didnt want to leave such a cool and peaceful place. Did not want to go back to work and face the city stress. Just want to spend some quality time with close friends and laze away the day.


 But every good thing has to come to an end somehow. So before leaving for KL, we went back to Kea Farm to buy vege, flowers and corn to stock up in kl. :P

And got hungry, last meal in Cameron. Traditional charcoal stamboat!!!! Very pricey though, but it was a good experience.


So DONE with the Cameron trip, I still miss it loads, blogging about this actually makes me feel so nolstagic. Hahaha.. looking forward to more group trips this year!!!!!! Am working hard planning for another one now!

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Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2