The birth place of Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty.

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A statute of Aphrodite that a friend sent to me.

I spent 3 nights in Cyprus November of 2001 with colleagues of mine after the World Travel Market concluded in London’s Excel Center. A month a go I had been in South Africa and gone to some of the warmest places (Johannesburg and Durban), now here I was a month later in so much cold, it's not funny. Cyprus is located North-East of the Mediterranean Sea neighboring Syria and Turkey. It seats at the cross roads of the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe. Travel from Africa is not really long, but I had made a stop in London for business, well, the real reason I was in Europe was the World Travel Market in London anyway, Cyprus was at the urging of my colleagues. There goes the extra per DM money I made from my business trip. 

It has long been a myth, that Cyprus was the birth place of Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty: I would not dispute this fact if I were you until you actually visit Cyprus. One can see why it is known as the city of beauty, even amidst the cold and gray you could see the beauty of the city. I fell in love with this place and promised myself that I would return to visit it when I had more time on my hands. The few days I spent there were like being in Eden (not that I know, but the description of Eden seems to befit Cyprus). Cyprus has the history of Civilization itself to boost of and the ways of the ancients.

When I visited, the cold weather had set in and the rains poured as if to cleanse the land. The days were shorter it seemed and my colleagues and I tried to get as much done while the day light showed and roamed the night until we were tired. The club scene in Cyprus is actually amazing, if you like dancing, partying or hitting the clubs this is a place that you will feel welcome at. One club stood out when we were there, I think it was called " Limasool” (can’t remember the pronunciation) but it is one place to check out when you are there. Outside the club the lights shimmer across the sea with such powerful reflections/ mirage like.  I do not have photos from Cyprus since my visit there was unscheduled and more spontaneous., I did not carry my camera on this visit and I can't borrow photographs since both my British colleague Peter and my German counterpart Hans did not take any either. But the memories of Cyprus are those that remind me of a promise unfulfilled, I must go back if nothing else to fulfill that promise I made to myself. The views of the sea and the green of the island quite simply amazing. I have promised to visit South America in 2010 so I will plan for Cyprus next year, but if a window opens up for Cyprus, I will be more than glad to take it. Someone please talk me into going back . . . smile!

el_wray says:
Did you visit the Northern Cyprus? I have lived there 2 years, interesting place.
Posted on: Mar 13, 2010
Africancrab says:
You will absolutely love Cyprus, try and catch it before the winter. But even in the cold, I remember having so much fun. Look forward to reading your blog. If I had the time I would join you on the Cyprus leg.
Posted on: Mar 04, 2009
delsol67 says:
Great photo. Cyprus is on my list for this year. I'll be in Greece in July and will get there, then.
Posted on: Mar 04, 2009
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A statute of Aphrodite that a frie…
A statute of Aphrodite that a fri…
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