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Enjoying Kraken Bar.

Well here we are, I have only two weeks left here in S. Korea and I must admit that my travels here have been quite amazing.  I was unable to experience everything I wanted to do here in Korea, but all the trips I was able to make proved to be unforgettable. 

It all started around September 2nd when I landed in Incheon Airport around 4:30am Seoul time.  I was a little exhausted from the 14 hour flight to Korea but I was much too excited to sit down.  From Incheon I headed North East to Yongsan in Seoul.  That’s where I was attached to the 2ID and sent to Uijeongbu to in-process at Camp Stanley.  After spending about 4 weeks in Uijeongbu I was sent to Pyeongtaek to spend a day at Camp Humphreys to be then attached to 1/2 AVN REGT.  At that point I was sent to my final Duty Station in Wonju at Camp Eagle

Wonju is an amazing place.  With its rolling hills and 80% country side, Wonju is made up of its own unique culture and diversity.   Wonju is about 90 miles from Seoul; so it made my trips to Seoul into a two and a half hour express bus ride to end up in Seoul Station where the real fun would begin after about a three hour maze of subway stops getting off at random stops to see what’s above only to go back down into the subway and pick a different location.  

Wonju is not just country side though; it does have its wild side.  There is only one place in all of Korea that I found people drinking beer and soju till sunrise on a Friday night into Saturday morning: and that place was downtown Wonju City.  It never fails, every Friday night you can go into the city of Wonju and see the locals mixed with the foreigners overly drunk staggering around the streets laughing and shouting all over the place.  The sight can make anyone smile.  I did take the liberty every once in a while to join in on the fun only to make a complete fool of myself, but… it was all in good fun.  Now yes the bars did close around 4 to 6am depending on the flow of people.  That, however, did not stop the people feasting on alcohol.  It seems like on every street corner was a Family Mart or By the Way store where people, after being kicked out of the bars would go to buy more beer and soju and drink in the parks or streets.  The nightlife here in Wonju has never been boring.

Now if nightlife isn’t your style, there are also a ton of things to do right here in Wonju during the daytime as well.  Wonju has a shopping district, hard to find but worth the trouble.  I found great deals on brands such as North Face, Black Yak, Nike, Marmot, and many other big name brands.  There are also a few mountains to climb here and there.


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Enjoying Kraken Bar.
Enjoying Kraken Bar.
photo by: voordax