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After arriving home from Dublin, we had to hurry and get ready for our dinner reservations.  I was very excited to try this restaurant since the menu looked great and Brett raved about the quality of the food. 

We managed to rest a bit (just to check emails and TravBuddy of course..LOL) and it was time to get ready.  I had suggested we wear the same thing we wore the main meet up night in Las Vegas, back on the weekend when we met.  Awwwww. :-)  We got dressed and headed out - we ended up driving versus walking since it was raining and the restaurant website said they have valet parking. 

Turns out valet is only on the weekends but the guy parked the car for us anyways which was nice as there was truly no where else to park - the public spots were completely full.


There were not too many people in the restaurant which was nice.  We had a quaint little table to ourselves and ordered a nice bottle of wine - A Bordeaux recommended by our server.  We ended up ordering the Chef's Surprise which was literally just that....surprise courses!  We picked the 4 course meal and our server asked out likes/dislikes/allergies, etc.  We ended up with an absolutely fabulous meal although I struggle a bit to remember everything in the dishes. 

After dinner, we ordered a bottle of dessert wine which was heavenly - Pedro Jimenez.....WOW.  That wine was incredible and it paired nicely with our special dessert offering. 

Once dinner was over and we were pretty much the only people left in the restaurant, I had a feeling something was coming.

  Brett was somewhat nervous and fidgety throughout dinner.  And then what I figured might happen, happened....Brett proposed to me in the restaurant.  :-)  He was incredibly nervous and it was rather cute actually!  He had not picked out a ring yet (he sorta already hinted around that if he should propose at some point, he wondered how I would feel about being involved in picking out the ring...I told him I think that is the best route truthfully) - so, not having a ring but still wanting to give me something - he gave me a heart shaped cookie cutter which was adorable and totally romantic! 

*I had this journal entry on "draft" until now (March 29th) so we had the opportunity to go see both sets of parents this past week and tell them in person! :-)  Now that we've done that, we can share this with everyone else!


svenman99 says:
Hey Erin and Brett,
waaaaaaaahoooooooooo congrats to both of you!!!!
I also heard the news last week from someone in somewhere
Posted on: May 15, 2009
pearcetoyou says:
Congratulations! I already knew about the engagement, but just now found this blog!
Posted on: May 15, 2009
wouternet says:
Congratulations Erin and Brett! Good luck to you both!
Posted on: May 11, 2009
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