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Gates to Windsor Castle

So the night before I booked a ticket on Evan Evans Tours for a daytrip to Stonehedge, Windsor Castle, and Oxford University for the following morning... Everything was cool, i got up bright and early as the tour bus leaves @9am and got to the Victoria Coach Station at 8:30 as the instructions said.

There I was standing by Gate 1 leaning against the wall, minding my own business waiting for the bus, when out of nowhere 2 London police officers come over and ask me, 'what are you doing here?'... 'WAITING FOR THE BUS!' I respond.  They are concerned that I dont have any bags (well yeah its a DAYTRIP!!!)

Then the officers ask to see my ticket, I tell them that since I ordered the ticket last night, all I was given was a reference number, when they ask to see it, I break out a piece of paper with about 20 different scribbles and notes including this reference number :)

They fill out this form that states that I was 'searched' and that I was 'clean'.

.. As the officer is handing this form to me, she states, 'The next time you get stopped, show them THIS form'.   I couldn't help myself as I asked, 'What do you mean NEXT TIME?!?!'

Apparently in London I look suspicious lol...

Windsor Castle was very nice, too bad you couldn't take photos.  I asked if I could take a photo of the park looking out of the castle, the guard told me that all the rooms are equiped with photo sensors and will go off when photos are taken.  A part of me wanted to find out if he was telling the truth, but I didn't really want to get my camera broken, and spend the night in British jail cell for taking a photo in Windsor Castle :D

We had to hurry back to the bus since the tour guide made it clear that if we were not there on time he would LEAVE US in Windsor, to get back on our own.

Next, off to Stonehedge! 

hannah-lou says:
very jealous... while I was living there I forgot to be a tourist sometimes and missed these amazing places!
Posted on: Mar 03, 2009
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Gates to Windsor Castle
Gates to Windsor Castle
photo by: skippyed