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Having arrived last night in Nigeria, we spent our first night in a new hostel at Babcock University.  So new that we're the first occupants.  It seems really nice to be in a new building, but being new it has a few quirks.  It leaks quite a bit.  Everyone I'm travelling with woke up to small lakes in their rooms.  My room only had a puddle.  Turns out that the toilets leak, the sinks leak the ceiling leaks because of sinks and toilets leaking in rooms above us.  So water drips down the walls and pools on the floor.  After a couple days many of the leaks have been fixed and re-fixed and all seems much better.

I was ready for heat, but for some reason didn't anticipate the humidity.  We're frequently outside and it can become oppressive.  Not that inside is much better.  There's not really much of a breeze until the evening.  We have air-conditioners in our rooms - which are lifesavers.  But we don't AC many other places.  So, we sweat and survive.

The food so far has been decent.  There's a LOT of rice with a wide variety of toppings.  Everything from tomatoes and onions, to beans.  Tofu is another staple here.  Pineapple and watermelon are also in abundance.  I wasn't sure if I was going to eat any because of the water content, but apparently the University sits on a clean well and that water is used for irrigation, so I decided to chance it.   After all we're drinking Babcock bottled water, so if I'm going to get sick I'm going to get sick.  So far all is well.

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