Mutianyu 慕田峪 and Badaling Great Wall 八达岭

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I like the scenery here on our way to Mutianyu with trees stretches along on side of road

There is a Chinese saying: ‘If you’ve never been to the great wall, you are not a great person’. Great wall is the ultimate symbol of China, it is mentioned in the National Anthem, on bank notes, and it’s used to sell anything from red wine to automobiles. The great wall stretches east to west from Shanhaiguan on the yellow sea to the gobi dessert’s Jiayuguan, millions of workers died during the wall’s construction, many of whom were convicts or forced labourers, hence the wall acquired another nickname, ‘the longest graveyard in the world’. The wall was built to prevent enemies invading into Chinese’s land, but both the Mongols (who established Yuan dynasty) and Manchus (who established Qing dynasty) still managed to bribed and tricked their way through the wall invading into China.

Some of us wanted to try the toboggan ride but unfortunately, they are under repair at this time.

Less tourist in Mutianyu, come early morning and it will be like a private tour
I go to Badaling first with my friends, I don't feel much about great wall at that time maybe it was so hot up there, the only thing I can remember is looking for some shade to hide. But this time was different, it! beautiful. If you take cable car up, you need to climb some stairs up to the walls, go to the left section of the wall which is the most beautiful, walk as far as you want and then turn back to explore the section on the right side of the cable car. This section is mostly downhill and will lead you to the chairlift which is adjacent to the toboggan. Keep a lookout for the chairlift as it is easy to walk past it (no signage), you need to exit the wall from one of the side stairwells. It takes 5 minutes for the toboggan to slide down to the bottom, which you can control your speed.

Train to Badaling Great Wall

  • Take subway line 2 to Xizhimen station, rmb 2
  • Walk to Beijing North Railway Station (1 block away), a 1st class ticket train to Badaling is 17rmb, takes 1 hour and 10 minutes journey
  • Drop off at Badaling station, walked to the great wall entrance (800 meters)
  • Buy your tickets 45rmb, see the great walls and back to the train station, buy your ticket back to Beijing 17rmb
  • Get off at Beijing North Railway Station and take subway back to your hotel, rmb 2

To Mutianyu Great Wall

  • Private car with driver - 1) Mr.
    My mum did not go far, she got weak leg
    Hou (Chinese speaking only). 500-600rmb 1 day. Mobile: +86-13701034173 or 2) Peter (English speaking guide). 100rmb/day guide fees. He can help to find private car to Mutianyu for 500rmb. His service: He can bring you around taking transport like buses and subway, he can bring you to any place you plan to visit. Email to enquiry:
  • Taxi - If a taxi driver offered to take you to Mutianyu, you need to bargain hard for the price of 450-500rmb for a return trip. The driver will wait for you at the car park. Make sure that everything is already included eg. toll fees and car park entry. Do not pay in advance, pay later.
  • Bus - Tourist bus at Xuanwumen and Tian'an men square, some say it doesn't exist anymore, I'm not so sure about it, to what I know, they only provide tourist bus service from 17 april to 15 october, on Saturday/Sunday/Public holidays, no weekdays. From 6:30am-8am in the morning, charges will be 110rmb/person including entrance fees and transportation fee.
    My sisters Doris and Elyn
    It will takes you to Mutianyu Great Wall, the bus will wait for 2 hours then move to a beautiful temple near the great wall area. Tel: +86-10-83531111 (24 hrs, Chinese speaking) or

It is quite confusing, so I guess that's the reason most tourists choose to hire a private car to Mutianyu.

reikunboy says:
great, informative blog thanks for this
Posted on: Mar 02, 2009
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I like the scenery here on our way…
I like the scenery here on our wa…
Less tourist in Mutianyu, come ear…
Less tourist in Mutianyu, come ea…
My mum did not go far, she got wea…
My mum did not go far, she got we…
My sisters Doris and Elyn
My sisters Doris and Elyn
I take this picture from cable car
I take this picture from cable car
Guard house
Guard house
Me with a big bag in front
Me with a big bag in front
In the gurard house
In the gurard house
The great wall of Mutianyu
The great wall of Mutianyu
Quite flat to walk in this section
Quite flat to walk in this section
We take cable car to the top, and …
We take cable car to the top, and…
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