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Are you or anyone you know interested or passionate about our environment, the arts, or exploring the great wonders of our world? If so, it may serve well to keep up with my new blog here at

Have you heard of The Best Job In The World? Just in case you missed the breaking news flash I'll fill you in. The global economy is going down hill, and tourism is most likely following industry patterns in such an economy. However, Queensland Tourism had a bright innovative idea! Not only would they higher a person to become an Island Caretaker, they would hold an online video application competition to pick the best candidate for the job. Soon enough their server(s) crashed, as they were flooded with applicants from around the world. After all, the perks are not only working on a Great Barrier Reef island, but one gets to stay in a payed for resort house while getting paid AUD $150,000 for a whole six months! Who would pass up a job, that only requires one to blog about how awesome life is on the Great Barrier Reef? Of course this includes my all time favorite activity, swimming.

Before racing to apply for this job, keep reading ...

The deadline for applying to The Best Job In The World has come to pass. However, that does not mean that all has been lost. I have applied to The Best Job In The World, and would like to invite you and others to join me in assuring I not only get the job, but I do my job well.

Why should you or anyone else care to support me?

I plan to preserve a key component of our ocean ecology that aids in combating Global Climate Change, by promoting ecotourism for The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I will do this through videos, photos, drawings, and blog post updates! Please aid me in obtaining The Best Job In The World, by viewing and voting/rating my video now! Threw my artistic talents and skills, I assure that when I start the job, I will have people equating tourism with environmentalism.

Before 6pm EST Monday March 2nd 2009, tell everyone you know to check out my video, and to vote by giving it a "star rating".

Here is my video application URL:
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photo by: FrankMcD