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Never imagined I would be fishing for Pirannahs on the Amazon River but that is what I did this morning. I didnt actually catch a pirannah though... I caught a catfish! I set him free though.

Go free little catfish and make more catfish kittens for other people to catch!!

I saw two pink fresh water dolphins which was pretty neat and then visited a little village and watched the kids going home from school. There were dugout canoes on the river banks.

In the afternoon, Louis and I went for a walk around the forest close to Ceiba Tops. It was crazy HOT like the kind you get before a big rain except worse cause its in the jungle. Must have been over 40 degrees and I was dying and dripping but it was a cool hike. There is this wicked cool Ceiba tree that the lodge was named after. The hugest tallest tree I have ever seen in my life!! The braches stretched out to the sides and the middle was bare, you could biuld a big house right on top of that tree. Louis said that a paper mill was going to buy the land and cut the tree down but Peter, the owner of Ceiba Tops, managed to buy the land instead and saved the tree and all the forest on it. Its supposed to be like 300 years old.

There were lots of frogs, mushrooms, termites, weird trees and other crawling things.

After dinner, a group of students from the nearby village Indiana came and performed some traditional dances. It was cool, they were pretty bouncy and stuff... yeah bouncy.

lucecitanizama says:
HOLY HUMIDITY! AND YEAH PIRANAS!! i was lucky in my fishing experience!!!!
Posted on: May 31, 2007
mariafriesen says:
This is so awesome! Pirannah fishing? Haha! I'm so jealous. I didn't have time to go to the jungle at all. I'll have to go back!
Posted on: May 30, 2007
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photo by: wickedlady