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Floating down a stream created by rainwater in a dugout canoe in the rain is a pretty cool thing to do. Especially when you are not the one doing the paddling. Har Har!

Today the group was Kitty who is American but works for the Peace Corp in Lima, and an Argentinean Family - Octavio and his daughter who are living in Germany, and his parents who are living in Lima. We went to Explorama Lodge for breakfast.

We hiked the Bushmaster trail to a Yamoga villiage and got to try our skills at using a blowgun. I got 2 out of 3 on the narrow plank we were shooting at. Looks like playing all those first-person shooter video games is good for something! Yeaahhh! (Thinking of all the chaos I could create with a blowgun and a strategicly placed perch back in canada... mwuh haahaaa!

Bought some crafts from those guys and I gave them all packs of cookies I bought at the bar... heh. If you want to make people like you in Peru, just give them cookies... its an easy way to buy friends!

Explorama lodge has tons of wild macaws flying around! Actually seeing them flying is cool! Then they land in the trees and laugh at you. There were 3 macaws aroudn when I was there and 4 other green parrots. One was sitting in a tree and was trilingual!! He would say "I wont eat, I wont eat!" in spanish and "Hello" in english. I cant remember the other language he was talking in. Funny what parrots pickup from people. I showed them all I had crackers and they were running after me on the ground! Having macaws run after you is quite funny as you can imagine...

Later we boated over to a local rum distillery where this dude makes 4 different flavours of rum from sugar cane: 100 proof, molassas rum, rum flavoured with roots and herbs, and my favorite ginger spice rum! Yummm! They were all good but I bought a bottle of Ginger rum for some night when i feel like getting sloppy silly drunk.

Americans Carl, Jan, Debbie and Marlene were now at Ceiba Tops from ExploreNapo lodge so we hung out by the pool. They had already been to the distillery and were pounding back their bottle... no i am kidding but i think they were drinking some of the ginger concoction as well. Good stuff I tell you!

Louis took Octavio, Kitty and I out for a night walk to see if we could see any creatures that only come out at night time. Like snakes and huge toads. We only saw a turantulla and I am happy to say I have NOT had any nightmares about that beastie... ewww!

This was my last night at Ceiba Tops :´-(  SAD SAD SAD

lucecitanizama says:
haha i COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND U!! tarantulas gosh gosh! but we did it! i was in panic at night..and almost in every plant i saw a weird insect..hhahaha
Posted on: May 31, 2007
crystalware says:
You are much braver than I to go looking for creatures in the night. I would have freaked if I saw a tarantula.
Posted on: May 10, 2007
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