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Today was the best day of all on my whole jungle trip, well aside from the part about leaving for Lima today... Eww Lima (shiver).

We went to an island that is a refuge for orphaned monkeys.
Kitty, Carl, Jan, Debbie and Marlene were also along.
Species included tamarin, spider, woolly, howler, saki, uakari and titi monkeys.
As soon as I got off the boat a baby howler monkey leapt into my arms and stayed there during our whole time on the island! Sooo cute!

At one point I had baby howler on one arm, one on the other arm, another monkey on my HEAD and another hanging off my camera strap!! Very funny. I was the only one who would let them climb on me though... I thought it was the coolest thing ever ever ever! Then one started chewing on my ear. Hmm that was kinda weird and I was afraid it would bite me hard but it didnt. Hooray for monkeys!!

Later after leaving Ceiba Tops and Iquitos, I found myself in Lima. That place is scary at night time so I got a more expensive hotel (Hotel El Ducado) for the night instead of messing around trying to find a cheap place since I was flying to Cusco the next day. The hotel was OK.

My taxi driver was nice but spoke no english. I would estimate like 3% of the population here speaks any english. When I was in Thailand I only learned one word of thai. I think it was hello. Everyone there spoke enlgish. Its very hard for a tourist in Peru with no spanish. I have met lots of travelling people here who also dont know any spanish and they say the same thing. It is good though too because it forces you to learn something new.

I must say though, that some of the best conversations I have had have been with dudes working outside of the airport and them drawing me little pictures to try to explain what they are talking about!!

paulisperils says:
Read some of your adventures to Grandma. She wants to hear all. Sounds like you are having a good time. Cant wait to hear more

Love you
Posted on: Apr 14, 2007
smiley1212 says:
Just getting caught up on your travels. It sounds like you are having a good time. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be letting monkeys crawl on me, though I would love to see them and take lots of pictures.

Christine, you write really well and it's enjoyable to read about your adventures.

Keep having fun!

Posted on: Apr 13, 2007
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