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Well here I am at the Lima airport after 24 hours of travel so far.

Yesterday after I had packed everything into my brand new pack ordered online from Mountain Equipment Co-op, I put the damn thing on on my way out the door and... oh crap it was sooooo uncomfortable! Really badly designed I must say. It was the MEC Walkabout Travel Pack and I strongly do not recommend it!! So Karen (who was also visiting us in Kelowna at the time) bought me the bestest present ever of a new Asolo Odessey 70 Elle, which I love love love. The only flaw is my own because I packed too much crap and am already sore! I think I need to do a big pack purge already!! I guess I didnt really need 5 books anyway LOL.

The trip began with my one hour flight from Kelowna to Seattle. I felt pretty silly being in that airport and never having seen a subway train inside an airport to take you to different areas! After going through customs, a man tried to take my bag away from me and put it on a conveyor and I let out this weird squawk noise clutching my bag! OK i didnt know why he was trying to take my bag. So different from my one room airport in Yellowknife!!

I had a 10 hour layover in Seattle so I got a hotel room. I had booked online through for a room at the Best Value Airport Inn. Turns out either the website never sent my reservation to the hotel or the front desk man was lying that they had no information for me because they were booked up! Arghh!! I even PAID for booking that reservation so I pretty peeved. Anyways I stayed at the Jet Motel which was simple and cheap but great staff, good japanese resturant and across the street from the airport. i got to chill for a few hours anyway before my next flight at 6am to Houston, Texas. I had a 4 hr layover there so I spent my time wandering around, not much to do there, the only internet they have in that whole airport was 15bucks for 5 minutes and .65 for each minute after... hmm no thanks! I met a nice man (we´ll call him Mr.Kansas cause I dont know his name) he was quite funny and we sat together for a couple of hours smoking like chimneys and bored. I met Nathan and Doug, 2 nice farm boys from Calgary, in the lineup to go to Lima. Thank god for Canada flag patches - I zoned in on them at once! Yay! And the funny thing is that one of them was just living in Yellowknfie for 4 months and working at Great Slave Hellicopters!! Small small world! I will keep in touch with them via internet since they dont really have any set plans either...

Oh and I was told by a man from London that I have a very distinct Canadian accent (he knew where I was from immediatly) and no I was not saying EH or anything!! Funny, I never thought of us Canucks as having accents unless you come from Quebec or Newfoundland. Hmmmm....

Walking into the Lima arrivals area was pretty overwhelming. People standing around a huge square blocked off area all holding white signs. I was thinking - are they protesting?? Save me!! Haha they were just waiting for people who were arriving....

Well I have 7 hours to kill here at the airport and then its off to Iquitos and then a 2 hour boat trip down the river to my resort. This airport is really quite good. Seems like there is lots to do outside of the security area. Internet is dirt cheap and there is a massage place right outside of this room! Guess you know where I am going next!

Thats all for now, I look forward to pulling the camera out to start shooting!

lucecitanizama says:
ahah so funny! yeah at the airport is quite unique to see all of the people waiting for other people!! im peruvian and is surprising too!!
Posted on: May 31, 2007
smiley1212 says:
Yeah! You made it so far in one piece! Looking forward to reading more.

Posted on: Apr 04, 2007
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