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OK first off i have to say there is a man beside me listening to headphones and singing along to Brian Adams Cant Stop Loving You, and I dont understand anything he is saying. But, he does make the song sound better I must say....

In the morning we travelled by boat down the amazon river to the ExploreNapo Lodge for breakfast. Once I saw ExploreNapo I was glad I picked Ceiba Tops. No air conditioning because the rooms are all open. You have to sleep under a mosquito net and there is one communal shower. While these things may appeal to some - it doesnt appeal to me and I will keep my nice cool bug free room. Hehe. After breakfast we hiked to the Canopy Walkway. It is hanging bridges 120 feet off the ground and a third of a mile long. It was really neat to have a birds eye view of the trees. I could hear toucans but couldnt see them ALAS!

Explorama Company was founded and is owned by an ex-american (Peter Jansen) who started his first lodge in the amazon jungle in the early 60s. He now owns 6 different lodges and every year buys up more land to protect the trees and animals within. Really cool considering how much of the rainforest gets cut down every year. Peter lives at Ceiba tops and considers it his retirement home. Nice!

While at ExploreNapo, I saw the cutest little green parrot drinking the dirty soapy water out of the hand washing basin and had to take some shots of him.

We then took a short hike to Renu Peru Ethnobotanical Garden and met a Shaman who explained the uses of different plants and did demonstrations. I was the lucky recipient of a funny head dress made of medicinal leaves and smelly garlic alcohol since I had a headache... I always have been at the height of fashion. yeah... but the coolest part was when someone brought in a baby ant eater they had found. It was the cutest cuddly creature and walked like it was drunk!

There were these funny birds called Pale Wing Trumpeter`s following and leading us around everywhere. Saw 3 turtles being lazy on a log with yellow butterflies fluttering all around them and landing on their shells! Very cool!

After leaving ExploreNapo, we made a special trip to see the fresh water dolphins and the giant water lilies since the Norwegians were leaving in the morning. The lilypads were so huge! like a meter across and more. On our way back to the boat, I saw a Sloth which is my new favorite animal cause it is just too weird looking!! Its face it like a smiling buddah statue it has this grin on its face all the time. Poor thing has no way of defending its self, I bet it smiles even when something kills it for food. Sighh... people in the jungle eat them and keep them as pets but the sloth really enjoys being alone and lives in the very tops of the trees eating leaves in the peace and quiet.

When I got back to the lodge, someone had tied bunches of bananas up in a tree and the tamarins were going crazy! they are so small, they almost look like kittens but they are monkeys!

I wish I could post my photos to these blogs but I had them burned onto a DVD and the typical computers around here dont have DVD readers. I will have to add them later...

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photo by: wickedlady