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One of the most funny places in Bangkok for us Thai people is Khao Sarn Road. But me and my friends love it. When many older Thai people think of Khao Sarn they think of scruffy tourists with little money, but they don’t think farang (foreigner) Khao Sarn bad. They think they smart can travel save money when they so young (not same as Thai people). Young Thai people always stay at home so mom and dad have to take care them until they married.


So why do I love Khao Sarn? First I love the ‘Phat Thai Toong Daek’ (Thai Fried noodle for those who broke!) cant find another place in Bangkok. Then got the shopping I love buying little souvenirs and sometime small small bag from India and Nepal…. so cool. My university buddies jealous, always ask me where I buy the things… question “where you buy……Siam Square, Paragon?” I say I bought Khao Sarn for 100baht not 1,000baht. It crazy to go these place and pay too much money! Im too stingy go there.


Then got the restaurants, so groovy, me and buddies love get a jug of beer and play people spotting for an hour (maybe 2) Sure we also do a lot of gossiping like “Look at crazy farang walking carrying beer and not wear a shirt”. After we sometimes go to a discotheque but only for a short time cause before we must to get up early for class at our university (I graduate this year…. so sad!).


One story I got. One day we went to Khao Sarn after university and wear our uniforms. We naughty we go to sit at Buddie outside I think and we ordered a small beer per person. Then can you believe? A policeman come up to us and tell us that we shouldn’t drink beer outside when wear a uni uniform”Sia Cheu Sataban” (you ruin the name of your institution) we told him to mind his own business, we more than 20 years old and anyway most people here farang they don’t care and don’t know. They are not small-minded the same Thai people and police.


One thing me and my friends don’t like about Khao sarn is some farang guys. One day not too late we went to a bar Gullivers? Not sure cant remember, we saw have some women want to catch the farang for sleeping for money. But we don’t care. Had two farangs come up to us and say “Can we buy you a drink” ‘Sure we say”. First time they friendly and handsome then we say “We study at university” they don’t believe us as say “Come on we know what you really do, how much you charge all night”. I was very sad, I went to the toilet and cry. Im very sad farang think all Thai ladies are prostitutes like that. I never go this bar again. Now we only go place where have many farang ladies too.


Sorry, my English not so good. I hope you understand ok.


newtampo says:
Khaosarn is another one of my favorite place also but just a few bars there not all the area. Anyway, sorry for the guy that thought that all Thai women can be paid to stay with. Let him keep that with his thought, it will waste time to explain to him as well because he would never understand. He might have meet some girls who stayed with him because of his money but you're right, it's not right to judge all Thai women like that. Take care, did you go to India yet? it's really nice, I love it. I hope you have a good time there. Take care x
Posted on: Aug 02, 2009
princessrebecca says:
oh dear...any advice for a lone english girl backpacking around thailand?? be good to have some insider advice!!! xx nice blog xx
Posted on: May 27, 2009
wayneollerenshaw says:
"Sure we also do a lot of gossiping like “Look at crazy farang walking carrying beer and not wear a shirt". - Hahaha, sounds like me! :D
Posted on: Mar 04, 2009
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photo by: Deats